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10 of the Most Amazing Future Yacht Concepts

Posted by at 8 June, at 20 : 08 PM Print

10 of the Most Amazing Future Yacht Concepts

In the major yachting magazines and at the various international boat shows, there is never a shortage of sometimes very bizarre looking concept motor yachts. These high-tech marvels of marine engineering and stunning design, rarely, if ever, get built, but they give us maybe a little glimpse into the future of luxury motor yachts. Here are 10 of the most amazing future yacht concepts as compiled by Boat International.

Solar Dream – With a name like “Solar Dream,” obviously, solar power is a key theme in Dennis Ingemansson’s 140 foot concept yacht. Designed for Turkish yard Nedship, this futuristic catamaran features over 1000 square feet of solar paneling for some serious eco-friendly credentials.

Project Ego – Project Ego is a 118 foot superyacht concept, the brainchild of Italian designer Mauro Giamboi. Project Ego makes good use of an enormous 42 foot beam with a layout that includes a vast saloon and two guest cabins on the main-deck. But the star of the show is the transformable transom, which allows guests to relax in close proximity with the sea.

Trilobis 65Trilobis 65 is a circular 65 foot “green” yacht from Giancarlo Zema Design Group, powered by solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells.This futuristic vessel has an underwater observation deck with 360 degree views for six passengers and it was named after little Trilobite creatures that lived in the sea 500 million years ago. The underwater globe has computers that provide the guests with real-time information on the marine life they are looking at.

Dare To Dream – Of all the yachts in this list, Dare To Dream may be the most bizarre and ambitious. Looking like something from a cross between a Jules Verne novel, and a James Bond Film, Dare to Dream is designed to be an “airship carrier.” Designed by Monaco-based artist George Lucian, Dare To Dream targets visionary superyacht owners who are equally passionate about flying as they are about yachting.

Seataci – The Seataci aims to mimic the movement of a whale, a “cetacean”, hence its name. Created by Montreal-based designer, Charles Bombardier, Seataci’s two submerged pods would create waves to drive the yacht forward, while the trailing aft section adds to the stability of the design.

L’Amage – Measuring an astounding 623 feet, L’Amage is easily the largest superyacht concept on this list, dwarfing even the 180 foot, Azzam, which is currently the world’s largest superyacht. Designed by HBD Studios, this mammoth yacht would feature accommodation for 30 guests split across 15 cabins, while the crew quarters would house a staff of 70.

BollaBolla is a 214 foot concept superyacht that won bronze in the yacht and marine vessels category at the 2015 A’Design Awards. The designers’ aim to connect the air and the water inspired both the striking spherical bubble in the center of the symmetrical superstructure and the yacht’s name, which means ‘bubble’ in Italian.

Follow The Sun – Of all of the yachts on this list, Follow The Sun may be the closest to actually being built. That is because it is based on a proven catamaran platform from Turkish yard Nedship Group. Designed by Dennis Ingemansson, Follow The Sun is a 164 foot concept yacht that would come with its own helipad, foredeck swimming pool and more than 500 square feet of solar panels, hence her “brilliant” name.

Black Swan – Embrace your inner Bond villain or Dark Lord of the Sith, with this sinister-looking concept yacht, which shuns convention and embraces dark tones through its minimalist interior. At 230 intimidating feet, Black Swan is designed around its helipad, from which guests can descend into the interior via a concealed lift. Plenty of al fresco relaxation space is provided by the extended aft deck, complete with 12 sun-loungers and an infinity pool, while two forward balconies provide unobstructed views out to sea.

Tropical Island Paradise – Why travel to a tropical island, when you can travel on one! That is the concept behind Tropical Island Paradise. The huge exterior main deck includes many of the features of a tropical island for which it is named, including a huge swimming pool, cabanas and a bar. But the standout feature is the volcano, with a waterfall that runs down into the swimming pool. The two-deck owner’s suite is cut into the side of the volcano, with views out across the bow from behind the waterfall.

Other “Concepts” in Luxury Motor Yachts

We may not be able to take any offers on the yachts on this list yet, but when and if any of them becomes available, I am sure we can help have one built for you!

In the meantime we do have several “high concept” motor yachts available that can be built to your specifications, such as those from Horizon Yachts and Dyna Yachts. We also have hundreds of high quality pre-owned yachts in our broker inventory.



It’s not always easy to stay on top of what’s new in motor yachts. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at (855) 318-6328.

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