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President Yachts Uses 3D Modeling for Peak Performance

Posted by at 17 June, at 00 : 46 AM Print

President Yachts Uses 3D Modeling for Peak Performance


One of the main principles of good design is form and function. Nowhere is that relationship more crucial than in the design of Motor Yachts. A yacht is literally a work of art that also must be engineered to ply the seas safely and efficiently.

In a very real sense modern high-end luxury yachts have been described as “sculpture or architecture in motion,” and that requires some very special design tools and techniques.  

Modeling and simulation have become the cornerstones of modern shipbuilding. Such technologies not only helps designers to give clients a clear representation of the look of the interior and exterior of a boat, but simulation and analysis tools allow engineers to get good ideas of how the yacht will perform under a variety of conditions and stresses, long before it even touches the water.

These 3D computer aided design, or CAD tools, allow builders to integrate all the design and engineering disciplines in a single environment. They have brought the world of “virtual reality” to shipbuilding, and have taken the relationship between technology and artistry to a whole new level.

A builder that understands this relationship very well is President Yachts International, based in Tainan City, Taiwan.


A History of Quality and Innovation

President has more than four decades of expertise in the design and construction of high-end motor yachts. They are located among many yards in the heart of Taiwan’s shipbuilding capital. But, one of the things that distinguishes them is their use of computer modeling for both design and engineering.

Most of the company’s boats are custom built to the buyer’s specifications. With their intuitive use of computer technologies and 3D design software, they are able to monitor both style and performance throughout the entire design and build process. This gives the client and the designer an unparalleled ability to make changes and modifications.

The concept was recently put to the test when President worked with world-renowned American designer Ted Hood to develop a 66’ high-performance ocean going Expedition Yacht for an Italian client.

In addition to its use of high-tech design and fabrication tools, President is one of the few shipyards in Tainan City that is on the water, with its own slip to launch from for sea testing. The yard was also the first shipyard in Taiwan to acquire ISO 9001 quality system certification from Bureau Veritas.

 A First Hand Look

We recently had the opportunity to visit with President Yachts at their shipyard, and walked away quite impressed. It is huge space, and founder Eddie Yeh, builder of the 150’ Superyacht, likes to live and build large. We saw a completed 115’ in inventory at their docks, and a 130’ under construction.

Since its humble beginnings in the 1960’s President Yachts has continued to grow and keep up with the changing demands of the buyer and the industry. Part of the success is their ability to make strategic partnerships. For example, they recently partnered with Nissan to co-produce 100s of boats for the Japanese market.


Here at 26 North we are looking forward to working more closely with Mr. Yeh, and helping him to get North American buyers more familiar with the unique form and function of President Yachts.

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