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Set A Course for Adventure and Luxury With Hawk Yachts

Posted by at 27 September, at 18 : 42 PM Print

Set A Course for Adventure and Luxury With Hawk Yachts

There is a separate category of luxury motor yachts that is truly unique. “Expedition yachts” are designed for long term cruising and to reach some of the most far-flung destinations on the planet. In the past, because of the particular specifications required for long term, long distance cruising, many “expedition yachts” started their lives as other kinds of vessels. For example, such as fishing or maritime research boats that were converted to yachts. More recently, with the idea of “adventure travel” among high net worth individuals becoming increasingly popular, expedition yachts are being designed and built from the ground up. Think of it as exploration, with style!

One of the newest companies to dive into these waters is UK based Hawk Yachts. Hawk Yachts is poised to launch a boat that will likely set the standard for strength, safety and luxury for years to come!

The Sea Hawk Project  

Hawk Yachts set out to design and build a luxury yacht that could just as easily ply the rivers of the Amazon, as the ice-flows of the Arctic waters. The result is the Sea Hawk. According to the company the Sea Hawk is, “a 103m, 6,500gt yacht with Monaco beauty combined with the sea-worthy capabilities to reach the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world’s oceans.”

According to Hawk Yachts, the Sea Hawk has a 12,000nm range with over three months storage capacity. She incorporates “over 35 features, allowing safe voyaging in extreme conditions, but at the same time never losing focus that this is a superyacht design.”

Why Build Such a Boat?

The Sea Hawk is setting the bar for a new branch of yachting — true luxury global cruising. The company saw what it believed to be a growing market and an unmet need. “The current fleet of the world’s superyachts falls short of the ability for true world-wide exploration and adventure. Many yachts lack the sea-worthy capability to do much more than cruise the Mediterranean and offer the owner the occasional fair weather voyage to the Caribbean.”

The company went on to state that the current crop of what claim to be “expedition yachts,” really do not cut it for the well-heeled, adventure seeking yachtsman. “There are converted trawlers, of course, but these lack the port status and comfort of a true superyacht; then there are the new trawler designs that lack both port looks and sea-worthiness for true exploration.”

The Sea Hawk will be the first boat of its kind, built to literally take on the world with all the safety and seaworthiness of other ocean going vessels, and the luxury of a world class superyacht.

Sea Hawk - 13 - press

People choose to purchase a new or pre-owned motor yacht for many reasons, but, according to Matthias Bosse, Project founder and Master Mariner, “the ultimate reason to own a yacht, is to have the freedom to explore the world in total luxury.”


Are you looking for adventure, or luxury, or both? Deciding on the new or pre-owned luxury yacht that is right for you, can be quite complex. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at (855) 318-6328.

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