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Three Zeelander Models Focus U.S. Buyer Attention on South Florida

Since the worldwide debut of the Zeelander 68’ at the recent Miami Boat Show, Zeelander has continued to draw more attention from buyers seeking to move up to bigger lengths in the luxury sports cruiser class, originally kick started by the opulent Zeelander 44.

Zeelander 68

Zeelander 68

Zeelander 68

Zeelander 164

Both models are now available as inventory models for sale in Fort Lauderdale, with additional incentives for buyers to investigate new models including the upcoming launch of the luxury Explorer Z164, which notably features reduced draft for exploring remote anchorages (in addition to allowing for ocean crossings under challenging conditions).

The Z164 matches cost of ownership with suitability and capacity for long-range operations, featuring terrific energy efficiency of all onboard systems and low emissions.

Zeelander boldly boasts, among other things, that the Z164 will have the same running costs as a 100’ yacht thanks to reduced fuel and energy usage (and, yes, they meet Green Plus RINA Classification standards).

Zeelander reportedly drew wide acclaim at the recent Monaco show when they presented the Z164 to the industry. Marketing Director Ylja Venema said, β€œThe story around the Z164 is truly amazing and will completely change the world of long distance yacht travel.”

(Interested buyers can read the full report on the Z164 in our latest review entitled Zeelander Introduces New Flagship Luxury Explorer Z164. This will be published shortly in our Yacht Review section.)

In general, all models listed above in the Zeelander class are known for their sleek, luxury lines, joystick cockpit control and low sound and noise vibration.

Boarding passes are available on the Z44 / Z68 inventory models immediately. Please contact us for more information.

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