Blog | 26 North Yacht’s Charter Broker Interviewed By Local TV News

March 23, 2016

26 North Yacht’s Charter Broker Interviewed By Local TV News

We were all taught by our parents that it’s good to share. But we now seem to be living in a time of a generation that has taken the lesson to the extreme. From timeshares to rideshares, the last few years have seen tremendous growth in industries based on “sharing.” Experts say this is largely due to millennials who decry ownership over the less encumbered models of fractional ownership and renting.

Our own charter broker, Will Snyder, was recently interviewed by Palm Beach’s WPBF-TV’s reporter Stephanie Berzinski for a piece on how the phenomenon is now expanding into boating here in South Florida.

Will is no stranger to TV, having been featured on AWE-TVs series, Selling Yachts.

Will Snyder on TV

A Motor Yacht is Expensive!

As Berzinski explains in the opening of her story, “a million-dollar view on the water doesn’t have to cost a million bucks,” if you take advantage of services that now match consumers with boat owners who wish to rent their boats for short or long term. She says to think of the new service as a kind of Airbnb (the vacation rental service) for boats.

As Will explains in the interview, “Interested customers can charter [our boat] the Quantum for $4,000 for a single day, which divided by 12 passengers costs less than $400 per person. For what truly is the ultimate luxury, paying $400 a person doesn’t seem quite so steep.”

Azimut-62-Quantum Cruising

You can find out more about the Quantum, or any of our charter boats, by exploring the Charter Experience section of our website.




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