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April 25, 2022

A Quick Intro to Chartering a Yacht

If you’re dreaming about a vacation on a privately chartered yacht, you can start planning your trip in two ways: Choose where you want to go first or choose your charter yacht first and then plan your itinerary. Either way, you’ll want to connect with a broker early, as they’ll be an invaluable resource from beginning to end.

The yacht charter brokers at 26 North Yachts are skilled at working with clients from seasoned global travelers to those who’ve never even set foot on a yacht, let alone chartered one for a trip. Everyone is welcome!

The first question your broker might ask: What is your group size and makeup? A family of five with small children on an intimate vacation, a dozen friends looking for high-octane adventure, or a large team of upper management on a work retreat will all have very different needs when it comes to chartering a yacht.

Next question: Where would you like to go? Depending on the season, location, trip goals and more, your broker will have great recommendations on not just where you go, but what kind of stops and activities will suit your journey. With a good sense of your group makeup and destination needs, your broker can then recommend the right vessel and crew to bring your dream trip to life. Special needs, dietary considerations, off-boat adventuring and more all create specific staffing needs.

And when it comes to destinations, remember that a yacht charter creates freedom. You can use the yacht simply as a means to get from one port to another, or you can make the yacht a destination unto itself – a luxurious place to eat, drink, sleep and play at sea, with no need to dock for days at a time.

The other big question will be: What is your budget? Be upfront with your broker about what you’re comfortable spending and what your goals are. If you have a limited budget but care about luxury and comfort, you may need to compromise on the length of your voyage. If you care most about water toys and fun, perhaps you don’t need to travel far, allowing you to save on fuel costs. Your broker can tailor everything to your budget: Size of your yacht, on-board amenities, and the number of stops, miles and days on board. 

For example, if your yacht is simply going to serve as a magic carpet ride from one port of call to another, and most of your trip will be land-based, you may not need water toys. But if active children and adults plan on spending most of the trip at sea, a yacht outfitted with the latest tech and amusements would be a must-have.

One more piece of advice to consider for a first-time charter: Inquire about yachts with stabilizers that can smooth out the trip for those who may be sensitive to the motion of the sea. 

Right now, there are more than 2,900 yachts available for charter across the globe, so start dreaming of where you’d like to go and who you’ll bring along. Then, reach out to 26 North Yachts and start planning your unforgettable dream charter.

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