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Dockage costs can vary widely. At a private residence, the cost can be as low as $180/foot per year. Dockage costs at high-end marinas in prime locations can be as high as $1,800/foot per year. Fortunately we happen to have access to some of the best dockage rates in South Florida, both at our home marina as well as many others in South Florida.

The number of crew members can range from one, the captain, to upwards of six for a 140’ motor yacht.

Absolutely. Few companies have the dockage resources that we do. Just call us!

Yes, this is one of our specialties. Many of our clients have a full-time captain and then hire additional crew members through our sister company, Florida Yacht Management, on an “as needed” basis. Other owners decide to not employ any full-time crew - instead, Florida Yacht Management provides them with world-class crew members for all of their trips. This saves the owner both money & time.

Definitely. Our sister company, Florida Yacht Management has become one of the leading marine service companies in Florida based on the strength of their monthly yacht management packages. From washdowns & detailing, to weekly systems checks, to preventative maintenance, to hurricane planning they’ve got you covered.

Crew, maintenance, and dockage are the primary expense categories. Maintaining your yacht as rigorously as possible is critical to maintaining the value of your yacht - and for preventing even more costly repairs down the road.

Deciding which yacht to acquire is an extremely important financial and personal decision - and having a trusted advisor in your corner, one who is intimately familiar with the current motor yacht market is critical. Our brokers will walk you through every step of the process - from deciding which vessel best meets your needs all the way to the final negotiations.

No. Having an independent, experienced broker representing you - and only you - more than makes up for any modest reduction in commission that one might theoretically get from engaging in a transaction in which the broker represents both sides of the deal.

Absolutely. We have represented buyers in transactions around the globe.

We do not adhere to any rule of thumb in this regard. Rather, we seek to understand the true market value of a given motor yacht, and, as much as possible, the state of mind of the Seller - we then counsel our clients on their initial offer accordingly.

Once an offer is accepted, the next critical event is the Survey & Sea Trial, which is when the yacht is inspected and put through her paces by a trained Surveyor. What do the fuel samples tell us about the health of the engines? How did the vessel perform at various RPM? What mechanical equipment is not functioning properly? How expensive will it be to fix the water damage on the carpet in the main salon? What is the state of the vessel’s gelcoat? These are but a few of the dozens upon dozens of questions that the surveyor will ask, and then answer, after the Survey & Sea Trial. Your broker will advise you on how the results of this critical event affect the value of the vessel that you are seeking to buy - and then recommend you to take one of three steps, based on the survey findings. 1) Accept the vessel at the agreed upon price. 2) Reduce the offer based on the need for costly future repairs. 3) Walk away and find another yacht to buy.

Yes. We live for hot deals. Our ears are constantly to the ground in search of them.

The buyer is responsible for costs incurred during the Survey & Sea Trial. These costs include, but are not limited to, hiring a marine Surveyor and hauling the vessel out for inspection.

Yes. You will not find better representation for a new build transaction than 26 North Yachts.

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