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Americas Yacht Charters


The United States of America is a big region with plenty of states and locations where you can spot luxury yacht charters. Some of the common hotspots for charter yachts include Florida, New England, Connecticut, San Francisco Bay, and the Bahamas on the East Cost. However, the Americas is also a region that counts South America, and all that the continent has to offer. Hence, it’s difficult to make a decision on where to take your luxury motor yacht and which area of the Americas to explore next.

In today’s blog, we are giving you more details on that topic, showing you some of the mega yacht charters out there, and describing the incredibly diverse coastline in more detail. You’ll learn more about maritime history, all the seaside towns in the Americas, the vibrant culture, and everything else you need to know about your charter experience. First of all, let’s answer the first question that is probably popping into your head, which is the following…

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Why Consider A Yacht Charter Vacation In The Americas?

North America is the third largest continent out there. As such, it is home to abundant stretches of coastline and places that are popular among yacht charter fanatics. You can explore different cultures, enjoy yachting or sailing in different climates, and plan your yacht charter vacation based on your needs. The Americas have a lot to offer – from city escapes to natural beauty, there are plenty of great destinations you can charter in and cross off your bucket list.

Whether you choose the Florida yacht charters or opt for the West Coast, you will find beauty in the contrasting terrains of the Pacific and Atlantic, explore rivers and mountains, and witness the countryside with everything that it has to offer. Booking a yacht charter vacation in America lets you cruise at your own pace and most importantly, pick a boat that meets your needs, whether you are in for comfort or performance.

The collection of available yacht charter models is big, in fact probably the biggest in the world. That makes chartering easy, and with 26 North Yachts, you don’t need to look for any companies or brands and choose your locations directly through our website.

Now, let’s list some of the best marine destinations around the Americas, including both North America and the vibrant destinations in South America, too. Next up, you will be able to see some of the available yacht charter types, with models from Trinity Yachts, Delta Marine, Viking Yachts, and more. Keep in mind that Trinity Yachts is a popular provider among yachts enthusiasts.

Top Luxury YachtCharter Destinations In North & South America 

As we mentioned before, the Americas offer a lot of rugged beauties, city escapes, and nature at its finest. For instance, there is New York is one of the must-see cities for urban dwellers, the Caribbean is the ultimate honeymoon spot, and Alaska is an unusual place where you can connect with a different kind of nature.

Let’s look at some of the best destinations for a yachting trip in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the South American countries and the West Coast. We’ll talk about Florida, California, the Caribbean, Alaska, and many other islands worth visiting below, so let’s begin.

Caribbean Yacht Charters

North America's East Coast 

The East Coast ranges from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the rugged coast of Maine. It is a sight worth visiting, especially. Here, the top destinations for charter yachts are the following.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters, Caribbean Yacht Charters, Americas Yacht Charters

New England

New England is an area that is a playground for many yacht charters. New England cruises can be completed in one week thanks to the compact size of the area. The charming ports of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Florida Keys, and Newport, as well as the great Chesapeake Bay, are some of the sights worth visiting. The Hamptons to Maine offer a lot of discovery and are great for yacht charters and enthusiasts who want to explore new culinary tastes and architecture in New England. Newport is another place that is home to the iconic sailing event known as America’s Cup. It is a great starting point for New England luxury motor yacht cruises, after which you can explore Martha’s Vineyard and the Florida Keys. All in all, New England is a great place to begin your luxury yacht trip and a place where you can spot a lot of crewed yachts.

Caribbean Yacht Charters

New York

Next on your list as you go down the coastline is New York – a top yacht charter destination. The Big Apple is probably one of the busiest cities in the world and a true icon that needs to be seen from a different perspective. If you need expert advice on where to charter in New York and how to see one of the world’s most popular destinations from a yacht, we are here to assist you.

spain, Americas Yacht Charters


A great finishing point for your western tour in Florida, a state that is home to Miami, a playground for all sorts of guests. You can plan your vacation here, but also go fishing and see the busy season if you choose to see it in summer. Ideal for yacht charter trips year-round, Florida is one of the largest grounds for yachts of all kinds. Besides Miami, sights worth exploring include Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Key Largo, Ten Thousand Islands, Clearwater, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Naples.

North America's Northwest Coast 

Also known as the Pacific Northwest, this region has a specific rugged beauty. You have easy access to mountains from everywhere, and can be in good faith knowing that you can have the best hiking trips of all time as you cruise on the coastline. You can depart from Vancouver, and sail in British Columbia, the Western Canadian province known for its quaint coastal towns and serene mountains, but also explore Nanaimo and Victoria.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

North America's West Coast 

Moving from the Pacific Northwest down, we have the West Coast which is a great place to stop by throughout the summer, whether you want fishing or a trip with your family. The marine life is great here, and visiting cities inland can help you learn more about different cultures. You can choose a boat for yourself, equip it with water toys, and move on to the West Coast once you have seen Florida in the southeast and Alaska in the north, starting from Seattle. The top destinations here include:

Americas Yacht Charters

San Diego

A great place offering adventure sailing across open water. You can moor near the oldest active sailing ship in the world which is The Star of India, charter close to the USS Midway, and explore lots of seaside attractions with your family.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

San Francisco

Known as a startup city because of Silicon Valley, SF has always had a bit of a tourist attraction atmosphere. The beauty is that most of its renowned sites are on the water. From the Alcatraz Prison Island to Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, there are sights you can enjoy as you do your custom line of cities visited on the West Coast.

kaluz MRA, Americas Yacht Charters

San Juan Islands

If you are coming from the Pacific Northwest and want to sail away and see some islands, visit the San Juan Islands in the West and relax by the calm waters. There is some great island hopping tours and sights of Bald Eagles staring at you from the forest treetops.

Caribbean Yacht Charters

Santa Barbara

Known as California’s premier destination for on-water fun, kayaking, and stand-up paddles, Santa Barbara also offers a wide selection of trinity yachts and power boats for maximum fun.

Southeast Asia Yacht Charter

Hawaiian Islands:

We all know the beauty Hawaii has to offer, and all the water activities you can take part in. Choose a yacht charter by Trinity Yachts or any other brand, explore the Mayan ruins, and take your crew and guests on an adventure.

South America

South America is another playground worth visiting. There is Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and many other places where you can go after visiting Florida in the US in the south or San Diego in the West. Let’s look at some of the top locations:

spain, Americas Yacht Charters


tarting from the Baja Peninsula, you will see why Mexico is famous for its clear water, and how great of a location it is for yacht charter enthusiasts.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters


Part of the Caribbean like the Bahamas, Cuba is a place you should invite your guests in and charter immediately as you enter South America. It is on the top of the bucket lists for many charter enthusiasts.

Americas Yacht Charters

Costa Rica

This region is known for its clean and warm waters, white beaches, and plenty of coconut trees. You can snorkel, scuba dive, or hike ashore up volcanoes and get lost in the rainforest.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters, Caribbean Yacht Charters, Americas Yacht Charters

Yucatan (Mexico)

Another part of Mexico that deserves a stand-alone listing is the Yucatan Peninsula. Stretching as a section of the Caribbean coastline based in Mexico, this is a great place for scuba divers and guests who love colorful island culture or appreciate ancient civilization.

Caribbean Yacht Charters


The Bahamas invites guests from all around the world all year round. A yacht charter trip is one of the best ways to witness the beauty of the 700+ islands and 2,000+ uninhabited cays. That makes the Bahamas an idyllic location with some ancient Mayan ruins.

kaluz MRA, Americas Yacht Charters

Book Your Charter Yacht Vacation Today

Your yacht charter vacation can be perfect if you take some time and plan your holiday. For starters, it’s important to know how many days you can stay and which area of the Americas you’d like to visit. We can offer charter types and yachts of all sizes – such logos are common in our directory. With crew options and a complete itinerary, we are here to help you choose your next destination and sail away with the number of other yachts enjoying the same pleasure.

Choosing a yacht on 26 North Yachts is as easy as A-B-C. We can help you filter by yacht performance, the number of guests, crew options, or any other yacht preferences you wish for. It is our job to make your yacht charter vacation memorable – we will take full responsibility for that.

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