Blog | “Angiamo” is a Certified Hit at PBIBS

April 1, 2019

“Angiamo” is a Certified Hit at PBIBS

To the surprise of no one, ANGIAMO, the well-known 2003 140′ Feadship, has been one of the highlights of this year’s Palm Beach Boat Show. But, candidly, it’s an almost jarring sight to see such an impressively-designed, stunningly-engineered yacht – one with the capabilities to cruise, in absolute luxury, to the most extreme & remote places on Earth – locked in by other vessels at a boat show. She’s clearly not leaving “D” Dock at Palm Harbor in the next few days, but it’s easy to imagine her elsewhere. Off the Amalfi Coast. Or navigating around icebergs in the Barents Sea. Or perhaps, with her top-of-the-line Nitrox System, serving as the perfect scuba diving platform for the Great Barrier Reef. The possibilities are endless, but you get our point. So come by and see her at the Show – she’s in a Foreign Trade Zone, so all prospective buyers, Americans included, are welcome to view her.

You can see ANGIAMO’s listing and HD Video “The Voyage” here:…/140-feadship-angiamo-sale/

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