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March 20, 2017

Another Famed Auto Maker Enters the Luxury Motor Yacht Market

In 2016 we reported on the 46 feet long, Arrow 460 Granturismo, the first luxury yacht designed and built by Mercedes-Benz, and the AM37, which was built by Quintessence Yachts in conjunction with Aston Martin. At the beginning of this year, we introduced you to the Lexus Sport Yacht. Now, another high-profile name in luxury autos, has thrown their hat into the motor yacht ring. Bugatti has just announced its collaboration with well-known yacht builder Palmer Johnson, to create the 2.2 million dollar Niniette 66 sports yacht!

Other Features of the Niniette 66

The sleek and sexy 66 foot luxury motor yacht borrows many of its design elements from its legendary sports car kin. The Ninette looks like it should be driven by James Bond, or at least one of his many nemeses. That could be why she has an exhilarating top speed of 44 knots, perfect for evading super spies, or super villains!

Unfortunately, if you are planning a party, this is not the luxury yacht for you. Like the Bugatti Chiron, to which the Niniette owes much of her pedigree, she will not comfortably hold many more than two, but that makes her perfect for your sidekick or number one henchman!

The Bugatti Niniette 66 boasts the same C-shaped iconic “Bugatti line” as the Chiron, and is available in a two-tone color scheme to match the super sports car, with an exposed carbon-fiber hull.

The open deck features leather and carbon fiber, decking in naturally blue morta oak (or a host of other woods), and there’s a hot tub with a champagne bar (obviously) accompanied by a nearby fire pit, sun pad and social areas. According to Car Buzz, “step inside, and there are further nods to the Chiron with the car’s horseshoe front grille adorning the wall overlooking free-flowing, sculptured seating and a smattering of marble. The bedroom features similar styling and comes complete with a double bed.”

While the design elements are pure Bugatti, Palmer Johnson took care of all of the naval architecture and engineering. She is powered by a 1,000-hp 16.2-liter Man V8 engine rated at 44 knots and capable of a top speed beyond 50 mph. An optional 1,200-hp engine produces 48 knots and gets the 66-foot yacht to 55 mph.

The Niniette 66 is named after a speedboat that Bugatti built in 1930 and is the nickname Ettore Bugatti gave to his youngest daughter.

The Chiron is generally recognized as the pinnacle of driving excellence, and the ultimate in status. Only 500 will ever be made, and with a price tag of over 2 million dollars, owning one is an ultra-exclusive club to join. One can imagine that those who would purchase a matching sports yacht, would be even fewer, so how many actually get built and delivered remains to be seen. However, it has been reported that only 66 are planned to be made.

Bugatti 66 2

Other Unique Luxury Motor Yachts

If you are an auto enthusiast that is as excited as we are about these collaborations between designers of fine automobiles and yacht builders, we would be happy to see if we could “put you behind the wheel” of one of these incredible new machines!

If a more traditional, but equally luxurious motor yacht is more your speed, we can certainly help you there as well. Feel free to contact us about any motor yacht in our new or pre-owned listings.
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