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August 18, 2017

DeepFlight Dragon Teams up with Princess Yachts

If you follow our ongoing “Ultimate Water Toys” column in these blogs, you probably have seen more than a few articles over the past year about personal submarines. That is because personal subs have become the “must have” water toy among ultra-high net worth yacht owners.

One of the first such subs to make a splash was the DeepFlight Dragon. The DeepFlight Dragon has been making the rounds at yachts shows since 2015.

According to the manufacturer, the DeepFlight Dragon is easy to operate, and allows the user to “fly” beneath the waves. Once you take the controls you can “hover” in place, or easily maneuver in any direction.

The price tag of the DeepFlight Dragon is a cool $1.5 million dollars, and one of the first to purchase one, was Virgin Groups’, Sir Richard Branson, and according to CNN, Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz, also owns one.

The DeepFlight Dragon has also been purchased by many well-known resorts in the Caribbean and Europe who want to offer their guests a once-in a life-time experience. Recently the California-based manufacturer of personal submarines announced it had  partnered with renowned British yacht maker, Princess Yachts to Integrate a DeepFlight Dragon Submarine into their 8th 130ft M Class Yacht.

“With the lightest weight and smallest footprint of any personal submarine on the market today, DeepFlight’s ‘Dragon’ was designed specifically for ease of operation whilst aboard luxury yachts,” said a DeepFlight spokesman in a statement to the press announcing the collaboration. The statement went on to say, “As a special project between DeepFlight and Princess Yachts, the 8th 40M M Class was the perfect platform to ensure the submarine could be launched and recovered from the yacht’s garage with ease.”

The 8th hull of Princess’s 130ft M Class is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2018 and delivered to its owner shortly after.

Other Personal Submarines on the Market

There are actually some personal submarines that are relatively inexpensive. The Seabreacher X, for example, which looks something like a shark, or a marlin, can “jump” in and out of the water, and costs under $80,000.

Some of the other personal submarines out there that have price tags significantly less than the ultra-exclusive DeepFlight and 3300 include: the Scubster,  and SEAmagine, and even Triton has some far more affordable options. They all are very intuitive and easy for the “pilot” to operate, and vary in their ability to operate above or below the surface.

Part of the reason that personal submarines have become more available, and affordable, is because of the use of light weight composite materials in their construction, such as carbon fibers.

All of these personal submarines offer a truly indescribable experience. Even at relatively shallow depths, (most of these only operate to about 400 – 500ft), there is just something about being in a submarine that sparks the human spirit and imagination. So, embrace your inner Captain Nemo, or Aquaman, and check out a personal submarine!

Your Charter, You Choose Your Water Toys!

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DeepFlight Dragon on Surface – Courtesy DeepFlight


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