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February 19, 2013

Design Talk: Benetti 120 and 145 Luxury Yacht Models

A long-standing Italian company, Benetti, which was founded in 1873, builds Benetti yachts. The Show Boats International Magazine has ranked it as the world’s leading builder of custom-made mega yachts for nine years running. Among the yachts built are the Benetti Classic 120 and the Benetti Vision 145 yacht.

Launched in 2006, the Benetti 120 is an improvement from the classic 115 series of yachts. It is a luxury motor yacht with an overall length of 36.6 meters (120 feet), beam of 7.9 meters, draft of 2 meters and a gross tonnage of 299.

Several models of the Benetti Classic 120 have been launched to date. The Benetti can accommodate up to ten guests and is built with great opulence in mind. It has a superior deck space, interior design incorporating light wood and multi-level entertainment decks.

The Benetti 145 is a mega yacht with an overall length of 43.60 meters (145 feet), beam length of 9.2 meters, draft length of 2.58 meters and a gross tonnage of 390. This boat exhibits better-quality compared to the classic series and is the third of its line of yachts built using fiberglass hulls and superstructures.

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The yacht is also known to reach a top speed of 15 knots. This is due to the fact that it equipped with twin CAT engines that propel the ship up to 971kW at 1,800 rpm. The yacht has the following standard features: a dining room, entertainment system, sunroof fridge and microwave

The Benetti 145 sleeps up to 10 guests who can enjoy an outdoor barbeque area, a plunge pool and an outdoor shower room. The master suite has an expansive view of the surrounding, while the guest rooms have large windows through which guests can enjoy the scenery whether out at sea or in the bay .

While enjoying superb sailing and engineering credentials in the international market, buyers should do their homework before making an offer on used Benetti yachts for sale. For instance, one potential flaw (although heavily contested) reported in the media is an engine failure with specific reference to the 120 foot long Kai.

100 yachts have been built since Benetti launched its classic series model in the past decade. There is however no confirmed reports on exactly how many Benetti 120 and Benetti 145 models have been sold up to date.

If you are in the market for either buying or selling a Benetti 120 or Benetti 145 consider calling one of our U.S. yacht brokers for in-depth advice and guidance on how to proceed.

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