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The Exumas are a true yacht charter paradise – just like the number of days in a year, the archipelago consists of 365 cays and islands. The Exumas islands are so pristine that in 1958, the Bahamian government set aside 176 square miles of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Despite most of these islands being uninhabited, some of the Cays are privately owned by luminaries such as Johny Depp and Tim McGraw.

There are three major areas in the Exumas: the Great Exuma island, the Little Exuma, and The Exuma Cays, and each of these areas is unique and great for a dream yacht charter vacation. The largest of all, however, is Great Exuma, which is 37 miles long and connected to the Little Exuma island by a small bridge.

What Makes The Exumas Islands Great For Yachting?

The islands of Exumas are renowned for their sapphire-blue waters, which make them perfect for charters and yachting enthusiasts from all over the globe The brilliant colors are visible even from outer space, but you will see more than just that. On the island, there are footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and exclusive resorts with restaurants where you can try some finger-licking local food.

The popular Exumas yacht charter trips begin 35 miles southeast of Nassau, where charterers explore the pristine areas and discover the magnificent islands. There are consistent trade winds and beautiful water everywhere, making the Exumas Bahamas a great destination for a yacht charter vacation.

Things To Do In The Exumas Bahamas 

If you already imagined lying on a white sand beach and listening to nothing but the waves of the crystal clear water breaking at your feet, you are already in the Exumas in your mind. The sunsets are even more glorious in this place, which is a paradise to many sailing fanatics. But there is more to the Exumas than just relaxing – the highlights of an Exuma yacht charter trip include the following:

The swimming pigs of Big Major Cay

Uninhabited and pristine beaches everywhere

Diving, snorkeling, water sports

Plenty of deep-sea fishing grounds

Crystal-clear aquamarine waters


Panoramic views of breathtaking scenery in the Exumas from Wax Cay Island

Exploring deserted tropical islands

Seven miles of trails for hikes (within Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park)

If this is how you picture your Exumas yacht charter vacation, you should have no doubts and book a time and date when you will dock in at the Exumas marina.

Plan Your Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation 

Most yacht charters in the Exuma Islands take you to the beautiful waters and islands of the Bahamas. A yacht charter trip here usually begins in the Abacos or Nassau, but there are a few yacht charters in the Exumas Bahamas also. Therefore, it’s no wonder why this destination is a favorite among yacht charterers – most of them find their own private island to relax and get away from it all, floating n nature’s beauty.

The endless array of experiences on the untouched Exuma land makes exploring secluded beaches, and vibrant dive sites your favorite daily activity.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park land is a 22x8-mile stretch of protected area located in the Bahamas, which extends from Shroud Cay in the north to Bell Cay in the south. You can spot a lot of wildlife and biodiversity, as well as astonishing natural beauty on this uninhabited island.

On Great Exuma Island, you can try the local cuisine and taste delicious fish in the beach bar and grill restaurants in the Exumas. There are plenty of those in the Big Major Cay, Highborne Cay, or other parts of the inhabited islands in the Bahamas.

Tiny Major Cay

Another must-see on your Exumas Bahamas trip is the beach with the world-famous swimming pigs. These lovely creatures are certainly an attraction there that you won't likely see anywhere else – and Major Cay is also a great place for snorkeling, beach walking, and playing with the friendly pigs in the surf. Bring a snack here, and you will be instantly loveable!

Little Exuma Tropic (Cancer Beach)

Also known as Pelican Beach to the locals, this is a great place for snorkeling and one of the things we recommend as part of our vacation planner service. You can explore the hut with benches for a little shade while observing the white sand beaches all around and being ashore and away from your boat charter.

Thunderball Grotto

This is an interesting place northwest of Staniel Cay that we definitely recommend you to visit on your sailing vacation in the Exumas Bahamas. Similar to many of the deserted beaches in the Exuma islands, plenty of luxury yachts stop at Thunderball Grotto to dive in the clear water near the cavern or explore the sun or moonlight from the holes as they illuminate the fish below the water surface.

Staniel Cay

The pig beach, major's spot, and the famous Bond hideout are some great things to explore on this island. Located in the central Bahamas, this place is ideal for stopping by. The cave from Thunderball (see below) and the movie Splash are both on this island, close to the Yacht Club where people gather to eat lunch and dinner.

Thunderball Grotto

This is an interesting place northwest of Staniel Cay that we definitely recommend you to visit on your sailing vacation in the Exumas Bahamas. Similar to many of the deserted beaches in the Exuma islands, plenty of luxury yachts stop at Thunderball Grotto to dive in the clear water near the cavern or explore the sun or moonlight from the holes as they illuminate the fish below the water surface.

Compass Cay

This place is one of the top sights to see because of the sharks found in the marina. The species is called Ginglymostoma cirratum and is known as "nurse sharks" – they can live up to 25 years and grow up to almost ten feet long. These nurse sharks are harmless to humans – you can actually swim with these sharks at Compass Cay and tick that activity off your bucket list.

Norman's Cay

If the sailing conditions are OK and the water is good, snorkeling near Norman's Cay and the Sunken Plane is a great activity – the plane is perfectly protected under the water, and you can snorkel kayak or take a tender cruise to this must-see sight.

Allen's Cay

For animal lovers, Allen's Cay is a paradise – you can feed the iguanas there by hand right at the water's edge, and be sure to take some pictures! You can even post some from the comfort of your luxury yacht (remember, there is free Wi-Fi!)

Highbourne Cay

You can do a lot in Highbourne Cay and, for the most part, enjoy being surrounded by untouched nature. Go for a walk, explore the coastline, read a book or go for a swim – life is better on the sea here.

Sailing From NassauTo Exuma With A Yacht Charter 

For many, the preferred way to see the Exumas is by sailing directly from Nassau. This is the ultimate luxury adventure, whether it’s high tide or low tide season. If you don’t want to bother over your departure number and just immerse in the beauty right in the Bahamas, Nassau is a perfect destination where you can start your holiday. You can drop anchor in the shallow waters as you step in the Exumas and see and do it all. There are options to choose the 7-day Nassau to Great Exuma charters or shorter or longer trips in the Exumas. Our vacation planner Mon Fri can help you with that.

Another option you can consider is a boat charter from Nassau to Exuma. As you may know, Nassau provides easy access for US and European clients with daily international flights, so experienced sailors know that this is usually the best place to start your Exumas yachting trip.

Have you found the perfect yacht or power catamaran for your Exumas trip?

As you can see, the Exumas are a great location for a beach holiday – they offer pristine beauty, untouched beaches, and sand dunes that you can explore from the comfort of your yacht. The current language in the Bahamas is English, so you will have no problem with the residents in the inhabited islands of the Exumas if that is your mother tongue.

Besides this island chain, at 26 North Yachts, you can also browse for other destinations and itineraries in the Mediterranean (Italy, France, Croatia, Spain), Caribbean (Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, BVI, Lucia St, and Martin St, etc.), and many other destinations. If you are wondering how you can plan your next holiday, contact us today! We accept bank wire transfers and payments by card!

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