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Blog | Do You Need to Move Your Yacht? Yacht Transportation 101

May 2, 2017

Do You Need to Move Your Yacht? Yacht Transportation 101

There are a few times in the life of your luxury yacht when you may need to have the vessel transported. The first time could be when you purchase your vessel. It is not uncommon to purchase a luxury motor yacht in Europe or Asia, for docking and usage mainly in and around North America, or visa-versa. Then, there are the times when you may want to have your yacht “seasonally migrate” to explore and enjoy the Caribbean, and/or the Mediterranean during the best times of year for those locales.

When the need arises to get “from here to there,” many luxury yacht owners would prefer not to take the time and expense of an ocean voyage. Also, not every motor yacht is even equipped for long distance globetrotting. This is where a yacht transportation company comes into play.

Essentially, when using a yacht transportation service, the yacht owners can use their vessel to their hearts content in one location, hand it off to the transport company, and then fly to meet the boat at the next location. Yacht shippers say that transport saves the owner time, and wear and tear on the vessel.


How Is a Yacht Transported?

When transporting your yacht it will most likely be loaded onto a huge cargo vessel and literally “shipped” from one location to another. You may be wondering “just exactly how is a mega-yacht loaded onto a cargo vessel?” As you might imagine, many times the yacht is loaded onto the cargo ship using a crane, much like a large shipping container. But, there are also yacht shipping boats that are actually “semi-submersible,” which means the cargo holds are designed to flood with water below the water line, and the yacht can be “floated” right onboard, much like a car drives onto a ferry!




Choosing a Yacht Transportation Company  

There are a growing number of companies offering this kind of yacht transportation service. However, like most things involved in yacht management and operation, it is important you look for a company with transparency, and a reputation for reliability.

As in any industry there are great yacht transport companies, and those that can be unscrupulous. In 2013, Yacht Path, a yacht transport service based here in Ft. Lauderdale was forced into bankruptcy, after they were sued by dozens of dissatisfied motor yacht owners. Accusations included owners who were charged double – once upfront, and then again to release their boat upon arrival – and others who were charged for boats that were never shipped at all!

When it comes time to transport your yacht, your yacht broker can help you to separate the good from the bad.

26 North Yachts, and our sister company Florida Yacht Management, works with Sevenstar Yacht Transport. Sevenstar is one of largest and most well-known yacht transport companies in the industry. They have over 30 years of experience, offering liner, tender and ferry services.  Sevenstar also owns Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT). DYT operates the Yacht Express, the largest “float on/float off” carrier in the world.

Working with a respectable and responsible yacht transport company, means that any port of call you have dreamed of, need never be out of reach!




Finding the right company to ship your new or pre-owned luxury yacht can be challanging. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Specialists, or call us at 954-900-9988.

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