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Whether you’re addicted to chunky gold chains or multicolored gems, this upcoming year, the emerging jewelry designers of 2022 will not disappoint. Designers like Bea Bongiasca, Annika Inez, and Katerina Marmagioli are creating groundbreaking designs, incorporating innovative approaches to traditional materials and reshaping paradigms. Whether they’re pursuing a new dream or expressing their culture through jewelry, there is a story behind each of their collections.

Completedworks - Emerging Jewelry Designers of 2022

Jewelry designer Anna Jewsbury founded Completedworks in 2013. Her designs embrace the simplicity of minimalism and nature, evident in signature pieces like “Scrunch”. Made from a sheet of gold vermeil, this beautiful gold-plated cuff mimics the fabric folds of a cotton scrunchie. It exemplifies the essence of her design style – sculptural forms that weave, loop, twist, flow, enfold and expand. Crafted from recycled materials such as gold, ceramics, and natural pearls, her designs embrace the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

Bea Bongiasca - Emerging Jewelry Designers of 2022

If you like bright bold colors, you’ll love Bea Bongiasca. She’s an Italian-born jewelry designer, and her deep passion for pop culture, contemporary art, and design is evident in her work. Her pieces feature crystals set in enamel and often include a mix of classic gold with bright, vivid colors not commonly found on high-end jewelry. Her “You’re So Vine” collection plays with the concept of climbing plants in a pun that is apt to the designer’s playful approach to jewelry and her unique sense of irony.

Annika Inez - Emerging Jewelry Designers of 2022

Based in New York City, Annika Inez’s designs express personality, invoke emotions, and create memories. She brings a soft yet classic sensibility to beautiful, chunky silver and gold pieces. Her jewelry is reminiscent of old Hollywood glam but with a soft, simple elegance inspired by her Scandinavian roots. Each collection is versatile and unique. About 90% of the raw materials Annika uses are vintage, and the designer creates a new theme given her stock of elements every season. 

LIMNIA - Emerging Jewelry Designers of 2022

Annette Lasala Spillane created LIMNIA with the idea that life is yours for the making. The pieces she creates are designed to last, change, and move with you – from the everyday commute to life-changing experiences. A necklace can become two anklets, a pendant can become an earring, and earrings can become bases for more statement pieces. Annette’s work redefines the traditional limits of what timeless, heirloom-worthy jewelry can look like and how it can be worn. 

Katerina Marmagioli - Emerging Jewelry Designers of 2022

Katerina Marmagioli‘s jewelry is all about creating singular pieces that do not conform to stereotypes. Her design concepts are one-of-a-kind, hand-picked, crafted, and curated to be what they are: a daily manifestation of character, confidence, and inner power. With the unconventional design, asymmetric forms, versatile pearl necklaces, and rare materials no one would think fit on a bracelet, her all-gender jewelry features unique forms tied together to create statement pieces that bring out the otherworldly beauty in the unusual.

A new era in jewelry design

These emerging designers are bringing innovation, creativity, and a sense of wonder by surpassing the bar and redefining our concepts of art and jewelry design. Art that is sure to bring a higher level of sophistication and enjoyment to the eye, with its extraordinary aesthetics and beauty.

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