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Blog | How to Choose the Right Luxury Yacht to Charter

June 17, 2022

How to Choose the Right Luxury Yacht to Charter

The Bow: Begin with a Luxury Charter Broker

Finding the right yacht charter brokers to choose luxury yacht charter for vacation is not dissimilar to renting a car, engaging an interior design professional, or hiring a nanny for the little ones. You want to know they not only connect with your charter guests but understand the particular yacht type and size for your destination, whether it’s a river trip, lake cruise, or high seas adventure.

Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation - Choose Yacht Charter

The number of charter guests and the destinations on your wish list must be clearly understood by your charter broker. They should convey with confidence that they can handle your requests and advise you to your satisfaction, as you are making a sizable financial investment in this excursion. Reputable brokers will strive to exceed your expectations and may also be able to assist in itinerary planning.

Contacting references and getting a good feel for their background, their experience with the specific type of charter you want, and their ability to address challenges are paramount to the bucket list experience you are counting on. Are they experienced with motor yachts, mega yachts, explorer yachts, or sail yachts?

Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to all your questions before engaging your charter broker. They have access to exclusive databases in order to help clients choose yacht charter destinations that match the right luxury yachts for their particular yacht vacation – down to the scuba diving equipment.

Providing guidance and advice when you are uncertain is part of what you are paying for when you choose a yacht charter company like 26 North Yachts. Do your best when it comes to due diligence, but trust their insights and experience as well. You want to get the most from your private yacht charter vacation and a charter broker is your advocate and ally.

Even if it’s your very first private charter, good brokers know that if they treat you well, go the extra mile, and provide you and your group with a great experience, you’ll most likely return in the future. They will do their best to pair you with luxury yachts, charter crews, and popular destinations around the world that meet your needs.

To choose the right yacht charter for your journey, visit our Page: Charters. For broker listings and technical and ethics guidelines, you’ll want to spend some time with the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) or the International Yacht Brokers Association.

Amidships: Choosing Your Crew, Destination, and Charter Yacht

It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but after selecting your destinations, getting the right mix of the charter crew is near the top of this list. Yes, the cool factor is highest when stepping aboard and exploring all the gadgets and water toys, but having a friendly crew with the right experience, personality, and skills can make or break your trip.

Have young children in tow on your yacht charter who will need supervising while you try to get some quiet time for yourself? Will your yacht charter be a hothouse of business type-A’s clamoring for competition and (in spite of themselves) requiring guidance before testing their one-upmanship? Or perhaps you really need a quiet yacht charter with an intimate group who want to feast on culinary delights created by your onboard.

Special needs, dietary considerations, as well as off-boat adventuring requires a crew with multidimensional skills, so it’s good to discuss all variables ahead of time with your yacht charter broker so there are no surprises during your voyage.

Now that the more labor-intensive homework is out of the way, it’s time to have fun with selecting your destinations. Sailing round trip from Rome for a 5-day stay in Barcelona? That itinerary will look considerably different than a 10-day point-to-point cruise on the Adriatic, with nights on and off-board along the way or even sailing yachts around the world.

Keep in mind that yacht charter can be somewhat seasonal in nature. Many charters run the Mediterranean during the summer months and the Caribbean during the winter. You might even opt for a longer voyage through Central and South America.

Providing your broker with details such as your group’s makeup and whether or not you have a particular destination in mind will help them do their best work for you as they consider different charter yachts to recommend. But it’s fine if you don’t—your broker will propose yachts in multiple locations and walk you through the highlights of every destination.

As with many facets of your adventure, it pays to let your broker do their job. Depending on your destination, how many are in your party (in addition to the crew), how long you plan to charter, and what type of voyage (sightseeing, culinary, water sports, etc.) do you desire, will your guests be competing for the title of Dive Master? Everything needs to be addressed in detail.

For example, if your charter yacht is simply going to serve as your magic carpet ride to one port of call and most of your trip will be land-based, you may not need all the toys. But if active children and adults plan on spending most of the trip aboard, a yacht outfitted with the latest tech and amusements will be de rigueur.

Well-outfitted charter yachts have all the gear you could want and then some. Motorized surface and subsurface vehicles will round out most of their stable of toys as well. Communicating with your broker detailed information about the various activities and capabilities of your group will enable them to contract just the right yacht to ensure everyone’s playthings are stocked and stowed.

One piece of advice to consider for a first-time charter: Inquire about yachts with stabilizers that can smooth out the trip for those who are sensitive to the sea or not experienced with life on a motor yacht.

The Stern: Time to Enjoy

Currently, there are more than 2,900 yachts available for private yacht charter across the globe. Depending on your destination, group size, and length of the yacht charter, there are innumerable options to satisfy any budget. Think of bucket list excursions like scuba diving off the Florida coast as a blank canvas on which you will paint priceless memories.

Once you and your broker have put in the work to create a memorable experience, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. As a wise man once said, “Good work done well is the hallmark of high living”. And you and your gaggle of mates will be forever richer for the experience. Ahoy!

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