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Blog | How To Choose the Name of Your Yacht

November 9, 2015

How To Choose the Name of Your Yacht

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in name…” I’ve never been that big on The Bard, but I can tell you this, when it comes to naming your boat, “what’s in a name” can mean a whole lot!

Buying a luxury yacht comes with a lot of big decisions. Where will I take her for my first cruise, how will I find the best captain and crew, do I want to put my boat in charter? But before you can even think about any of those things you have to think about a name for your “new baby.” The fine art of choosing a name for your boat is a seafaring tradition centuries old, and it’s not as easy as you may think!

Yacht Naming Tips

Your boat’s name should have some kind of special meaning to you. That is where names for your wife, kids or girlfriend come in. I would avoid the girlfriends though, you want to avoid the hassles of having to rename your yacht! Try to avoid a name that is really long and really obscure, you want something that is easy and memorable. Also, think about a name that will sound clear on a radio message. And try to avoid names that are “adults only,” or could be otherwise offensive, you never know who may be listening in on the same radio frequency as you.

If you own your own business, I sometimes suggest incorporating your business name into the name of your boat, why not get the advertising?


Here are a few other boat naming tips.

  • Mother Nature – Try naming your boat after an animal, or something else pretty in nature, like a river, mountain range, or other waterway. This tells people you are rich and environmentally conscious! Examples of such names are “Prairie Dancer,” “Dream Wind” or “Dragon Whisper.”

Luxurious yacht "Topaz" where Leonardo DiCaprio will be staying for the World Cup.

  • Manly Man – If nature isn’t your thing, go for the Macho factor. Let your badass show with names such as anything followed by “Warrior,” or preceded by “Brave.” Think bold, tough and strong!


  • Something Punny – “7 days without a good pun, makes one week.” There are no better boat names then fun plays on words. The more they make you groan, the better! These are names like “Seaduction,” “Nauti Buoy,” or one of my personal favorites, “Eat Ship and Dive.”


  • The Head Scratcher – Similar to the pun technique – this is another way to have some fun with your boat name, by keeping people guessing. Come up with something that leaves peoples saying, “What?” Names in this category are things like “Post no Bills,” “Bad Kitty,” or “Bac o Booc.”


Just remember, if you have purchased a luxury motor yacht, you have already joined a group of very unique individuals. Whatever you choose to name your yacht, make sure it is something as stylish, catchy, and unique as you are!


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