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Blog | How to Choose the Right Boat as Your Charter Yacht

June 15, 2017

How to Choose the Right Boat as Your Charter Yacht

When thinking about booking a yacht charter, most people think about their destination first. That does make sense, the first step in booking a yacht charter vacation, is of course to know where you want to go!

However, once you have selected your charter destination, you need to realize, that not all charter yachts that could get you there, are equal. The next step is in finding the right size and type of charter yacht for your voyage.

We have many luxury motor yachts in our fleet, and we are continuously adding more. That is not only an indication of how many more yacht owners are realizing what a great opportunity putting their yachts in charter is, but the growing realization that when it comes to yacht charters, it is not “one size fits all.” There are charter yachts that are more suited for day charters, and those for longer excursions, those for families, and those for an exotic romantic getaway.

So just how do you choose the right yacht for your ultimate charter experience?

Here are a few tips to help you zero in on the right charter yacht.

Budget – Of course, much like you would choose any resort, hotel, or cruise for a vacation, you have to set a realistic budget for your charter yacht. Not every yacht will offer every amenity within your budget, so narrow down which are the most important to you.

Who is going? – Are you planning a romantic getaway? A family vacation, a singles blowout with friends and parties every night? Depending on who is going on your charter and what you expect, will have significant influence over the size and style of yacht you want. Do any of your guests have disabilities, or other special needs that may require a yacht with special accommodations?

Size – And speaking of size, that is going to be a major consideration, not only because your budget will influence the size of motor yacht you can afford to charter, but size matters when it comes to the number of guests and accommodations. For example, while a yacht charter can be ideal for a family vacation, not all yachts are ideal for families. If you are planning a family vacation, choose your yacht wisely, make sure it is “family friendly,” and that she has enough cabins to accommodate all comfortably. Similarly, if your guests are all adults, and it’s going to be all parties and entertaining, then salons, lounges, bars, pools and hot-tubs, are probably all on your list of “must haves!” Your charter broker can help!

Where do you want to go? – Where you want to go, and for how long, will also greatly influence the size and type of luxury yacht you charter. Our brokers are experts in matching you with the most appropriate vessel for a given destination, in terms of dockage, accessibility, scuba or snorkel gear, comfort, etc.

On board entertainment – How much time will you be spending on board, and what kind of entertainment do you desire? Will you have your kids with you? Then for sure you want to make sure the yacht you choose has state-of-the-art onboard entertainment systems, video games, computers, etc. Or, are you more interested in enough deck space for sunbathing, dinning and cocktails? Kids and adults both enjoy water toys such as seabobs, jet skis or water slides. Do you plan on fishing, or scuba diving?


Choosing the Right Charter Broker

Whether this is your first time thinking about a yacht charter, or you have done many before, choosing the right charter is as simple as choosing the right charter broker!

The above points to keep in mind can help you with your decision, and narrow you choices, but working with one of our established charter professionals is the best way to guarantee you will find the ideal yacht, and charter itinerary for all of your needs!




Choosing the right charter experience can be challenging. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Charter Specialists, or call us at 954-235-3468

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