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Blog | How We Sell Yachts, Part II

December 19, 2019

How We Sell Yachts, Part II

Images are (Almost) Everything

Have you ever looked on Yachtworld and seen a $5 million yacht with listing pictures that appear to have been shot with an iPhone? Or even worse, a polaroid camera? Amazingly, this happens – but never with 26 North Yachts. In fact, we take the polar opposite approach, and that’s because we recognize that there are few things more important to selling a yacht than capturing high-quality photo & video – and then getting that material in front of as many qualified buyers as humanly possible.

When we put together a compelling HD video and capture dozens of beautifully-produced high-resolution images, where do they go? The answer: Everywhere where they could potentially generate a sales lead.

Of course, there are the two major MLSs, Yachtworld & Yatco, where we feature all of our listed yachts, but there are also smaller MLSs, like The Yacht Market and TopBoat.com, where we also like to maintain a major presence. High-quality imagery is a “must” for all of these sites. And the same goes for other platforms on which we like to give our listed yachts exposure, such as BoatTrader.com and the brokerage section of SuperYachts.com.

We’re on many other lesser-known sites as well – but, frankly, we can’t disclose any more publicly or all of our competitors will have the inside track too!

For video, YouTube.com is still the major player. We have one of the largest collections of high-quality motor yacht videos on the planet, and, to that end, YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving. Not a day goes by when we don’t receive leads off of this site.


26NorthYachts.com: A Huge Driver of Buyer Leads

You’re on our website right now, so you have a sense of how seriously we take our status as one of the “go to” sites in the yachting world. 26northyachts.com is our largest lead generator, and it’s the place where we think our pictures & video – and the other content that we generate (more on that later) – come together most compellingly.

We create a landing page within our site for every yacht that we list – and on that page you’ll find a yacht’s HD Video Tour, her listing, and all of the relevant information an informed buyer will need. Naturally, we lay everything out with one purpose in mind: to motivate a potential buyer to pick up the phone and give us a call! You can see an example of one of our landing pages right here: https://bit.ly/2rbeLb1

Okay, so what kind of traffic do we get, you might ask? Well, that’s Top Secret/Code Word-level type information, but we can tell you that the traffic is significant – and by “significant” we mean that we get a ton of high-quality buyers visiting our site every day of the year. And that traffic, thankfully, is increasing by the day.

We do everything in our power to draw qualified buyers to our site – and they come from scores of different platforms. Social media. The MLSs. Referrals from major yachting media sites, like BoatInternational.com and SuperYachtTimes. Fortunately, we get a lot of coverage in the mainstream press too – outfits like FoxBusiness, Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have all driven substantial traffic to 26northyachts.com.

Google searches, of course, drive a hefty number of yacht buyers to our site too. We also devote serious resources (i.e. dollars) to our paid advertising campaigns on a variety of platforms, from Google to Facebook to banner ads on yachting-related websites. Bottom line? If potential buyers are frequenting a particular website, we want to get in front of them.

On that note, we wanted to save one of the biggest drivers of our website traffic for the very end – and that driver happens to be our email campaigns. Yes, we think the emails that we send out take full advantage of the extraordinary imagery that we capture of our yachts, and that they’re well-crafted and high-impact…but, ultimately, an amazing email wouldn’t take us very far unless we were reaching out to the right people. Fortunately we have a massive database of buyers that we’re able to leverage on behalf of our clients.

But our database isn’t just large – it’s comprised almost exclusively of buyers in our target market of 70′ to 140′ motor yachts. It’s taken nearly a decade, and untold thousands of man hours, to build up our extensive contact list, but it’s worth every single minute that we’ve put into it. We remember that every time a prospective buyer replies, with enthusiasm, to one of our emails.

We have a lot more to say about why we’re so effective at selling our clients’ yachts – so stay tuned for the third installment of our special series about how we do what we do!

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