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Blog | If You Are Planning on Buying a Boat in 2016, What Should You Be Doing Now?

February 1, 2016

If You Are Planning on Buying a Boat in 2016, What Should You Be Doing Now?

A new year often brings with it big changes. Maybe 2016 is the year you decide to settle down and get married, maybe you will make that big career move, or finally get yourself in shape. But, if 2016 is the year you decided that you will buy your first luxury yacht, or upgrade your current boat – there are things you should be doing right now to make you buying experience a good one.

Here in South Florida we really do not have a true “boating season,” like in other parts of the country, where folks can only use their boats in spring and summer. But, even here these months now before spring are the right time to plan for your purchase, and you may get a better price if you buy before the warmest weather really hits.

Plan Ahead

Before you actually start to shop for a make or model or motor yacht, now is the time to think about why you want a new boat. If you are replacing, or upgrading you current yacht, what is it that you are lacking? What do you want to move up to? Is it strictly a size upgrade, or is there a feature or amenity you really want that you do not have on your current model?

If you are purchasing your first motor yacht, you need to think about what you want to use her for? Are you planning long excursions, or day trips? How many people other than yourself do you want to be able to entertain or accommodate on board? Are you interested in fishing, or water sports? Do you think you may want to off-set your expenses by putting your boat in charter?

The answers to these questions, will help you to narrow down your search parameters.

Once you have decided where and how you want to use your boat, the next thing you need to consider is where you will keep her. Dockage for an upscale motor yacht can be one of your biggest operating expenses. Unless you are fortunate enough to own waterfront property with enough space to dock a 70 -140ft motor yacht, you are likely going to need a marina.

New or Used?

Your next big decision is to buy new or used. Statistically speaking, more pre-owned luxury yachts are sold annually than are new boats. The main advantage of a pre-owned vessel is of course they are far less expensive than a new boat, since they have already depreciated. A new boat will certainly cost you more, but if budget is not your concern, you do have the benefit of having the yacht custom built to your exact specifications.

Of course before buying any used vessel you will need to have her professionally inspected, to determine her real condition and actual value.


How do I start looking?

So know that you know what kind of boat you want, and your budget, where do you start looking? Online is the best place to start your search. Before you even start to cruise the listings of boats for sale, take a look at the websites of the manufactures of boats in the size range and style you are looking for. You can usually find honest reviews from owners of the models of interest.

Consider going to a boat show, some of the biggest and best are here in South Florida.

boat show

How a Yacht Broker Can Help

Regardless if this is your year to take the plunge and buy a yacht, buying a motor yacht is a big decision. The process of planning for, and enacting your purchase is probably a lot more complicated than you may have imagined.

Whether you are buying now, or in the future, what you really should be thinking about is how a skilled and qualified yacht broker can make every aspect of your purchase decision that much easier.

Experienced yacht brokers like those you will find at 26 North Yachts, know how to work with you. We can help you answer all of the questions mentioned in this article, and once we have a clear picture of your needs and desires, lead you to the boat you want.

Then, we can handle everything from setting up your inspection, to helping you make an offer.

If you are in the market for a new yacht, we are the exclusive dealers for some excellent manufacturers.

Basically, it all comes down to this, we want your boat buying experience to be as hassle free as possible, so you can get out there and enjoy everything there is about yacht ownership.

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