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October 24, 2013

Interview with the Designer of TI Punch

Ti Punch

When TI Punch was delivered to the docks in Fort Lauderdale, the buzz around the yacht was how it was unlike any interior produced by Outer Reef Yachts. The fresh modern design was a collaboration between the owners and Destry Pethel, founder of Destry Darr Designs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pushing a yard to work outside its comfort zone doesn’t always catch magic in an interior, but when the craftsmen are as dedicated as at Outer Reef, the results speak for themselves. 


26 North Yachts: How did you get involved with the Ocean Reef project? 

Destry Pethel: Mike Carlson contacted me about the project and was instrumental in keeping the communication between all parties flowing in the early stages. I didn’t meet the owners in person right away. Much of our initial contact was through emails and conference calls. The owners had done their research; they had a very good idea of what they wanted as far as layout, design, and color was concerned. They had a design wish list that outlined special design features and styles; desired finishes and colors for wood, hardware and materials; and special needs in appliances and audio visual. It also included a thorough list of questions. They even created a website with interior pictures on several different yachts to depict the styling they hoped to achieve.


26N: What was it like to work with a yard on the other side of the globe and a yacht management company in Fort Lauderdale?

DP: Destry Dar Designs has designed many yachts overseas. Today’s technology makes designing yachts globally almost effortless. Working with a US-based yacht management company who acted on behalf of the owner and as a liaison made the process of building a yacht in Asia even more seamless.


26N: A lot of what I read mentioned that this was a new style of interior for the yard. How did that process go?

DP: TI Punch is unlike any other Outer Reef to date. From the moment Mike introduced us to our clients, they challenged us to do something different. They wanted to maintain the traditional exterior of the trawler style vessel but desired a more contemporary interior design and layout that would suit their lifestyle. The process of designing this yacht went very well. Outer Reef executed our designs just as they were submitted.


26N: Were there any surprises? 

DP: We do our best to anticipate and foresee any issues, but there are always one or two small surprises that are easily dealt with by working together with the builder or our contractors. The biggest challenge when shipping decor overseas is dealing with Customs. Although we have sent an entire vessels interior decor to Asia for outfitting, it is a plus to have the final installation locally.

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