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Blog | Is a Yacht Charter Experience for Everyone?

November 28, 2015

Is a Yacht Charter Experience for Everyone?

If you think that the typical client for a yacht charter vacation resembles Mr. and Mrs. Howell from “Gilligan’s Island,” Think again! There may have been a time when a yacht charter vacation was reserved only for the “Rich and Famous,” but today the typical yacht charterer could be anyone from a young hip professional seeking the ultimate party experience, to a family who wants the vacation of a their dreams!

Many people who consider a yacht charter already have some experience on the water. They may have owned, or spent time on smaller boats, and want to “step up” to the ultimate experience of a luxury motor yacht charter.

But boating experience is not necessary. All it takes is a sense of adventure, and a desire for the experience of a lifetime.

A Charter Boat for Everyone

One of the main reasons why charter trips are becoming more attractive and accessible to almost anyone, is the changing demographic of the typical yacht owner. In the past few years there have been many more luxury yachts that have been built that are ideal for yacht owners interested in charter income. In 2015 the luxury motor yacht industry has continued to rebound. The strongest sales category has been in the 70ft – 140ft range. Yachts in this range, such as the new Dyna 60, have been designed with the owner who would like to charter their boat in mind.

The strong sales in this category, have made many more boats available for charter. This has made the costs of chartering a luxury yacht more affordable. In addition, since each charter boat provides its own unique experience, this has also lead to a greater number of charter itineraries available.


Which all adds up to luxury yacht experiences that are perfect for: families with children from toddlers to teens, groups of friends or business associates, or even that special romantic getaway for just you and your special someone.

No matter what you may desire in a motor yacht charter, today, there is likely a boat and an itinerary that can get you there!

What Can a Yacht Charter Cost?

So how much does the typical yacht charter vacation cost? That is a very tough question to answer – simply because there is really no such thing as a “typical yacht charter.”

There are just so many variables from the size of the yacht, to the length of the charter, to the destination. When you are thinking about the cost of a charter yacht experience, rather than think “how much,” you should be thinking about “how much will I get.”

The truth is there is so much included in a charter vacation, that dollar-for-dollar, a luxury yacht vacation may not cost that much more than any vacation at a high-end resort, and yet no other vacation experience can compare!


Only on a luxury yacht charter will you experience:

  • Incredible delicacies and culinary delights prepared to your specifications by your own private gourmet Chef
  • An entire crew dedicated to your needs and the needs of your guests. Think of the best service you ever experienced at a five-star hotel or restaurant, and multiply it by 10, and you still will not come close to the “royal treatment” you will receive on a yacht charter
  • Beautiful days and star filled nights on the open waters
  • Exciting ports of call. Even if your charter takes you to an island destination you have been to before, there is nothing like arriving in your own private motor yacht
  • Water toys, and access to fishing, diving, and water sports aplenty!

A yacht charter can take you to some of the most exciting places throughout the world. In fact, you have so many choices of boats and places to go, it may be hard to begin!

Yacht SISTER ACT - Sundeck Seating

That is where a charter broker can help. An experienced charter broker can make recommendations about the style, type and size of the yacht that will best suit your needs and desires, as well as suggest destinations and an itinerary based on your unique preferences.



Choosing the right charter experience can be challenging. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Charter Specialists, or call us at 954-900-9988.

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