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Tropical Paradise In Turks & Caicos Itinerary

The Turks & Caicos islands are a British Overseas Territory comprised of the larger Caicos Islands and the smaller Turks Islands. These two groups of islands are found in the Lucayan Archipelago, situation at the nexus of the Atlantic Ocean and northern West Indies. That’s a lot of detail – so, for short hand, you can also refer to it as the world’s best tropical paradise.

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Day 1 - Providenciales

This gorgeous island, also known affectionately as Provo, is typically the starting point for most Turks and Caicos luxury yacht charters. With terrific golf courses, casinos, and shopping opportunities, there’s always plenty to keep oneself entertained on Providenciales. Of course, with some of the best snorkeling & diving in the Caribbean, you might not even want to set foot indoors – and we wouldn’t blame you.

Day 2 - South Caicos

The second day of your charter experience will involve the longest passage of the trip – you’ll be cruising around the north of Turks & Caicos (passing dozens of islands & cays along the way), and ending the day between South Caicos and Long Cay. Upon arrival, you’ll have more than enough to keep you highly entertained. There’s ample snorkeling opportunities, whale watching (from January to April), and plenty of beaches on which your crew can set up a delicious beachside barbecue – the lobster, conch, and fish in this part of the Caribbean are second-to-none. There’s also a nearby historic village, which is very much worth checking out.

Day 3 - Grand Turk

Aside from being the capital of the Turks & Caicos Islands, Grand Turk is notable for a number of excellent reasons. For one, it’s home to the only lighthouse in the country. It’s also world-renowned for its incredible diving – no surprise there, given that there’s a protected coral reef just off of Grand Turk that features an 8,000-foot drop.

Grand Turk’s colonial-era streets are just perfect for a leisurely stroll, and the islands’ National Museum is well worth a visit. In the first few months of the year, you can watch humpback whales pass along the shoreline. With a quick tender ride, your crew can have you & your guests to Gibbs Cay, where swimming with stingrays is always a memorable experience.

Day 4 - Salt Island

If you love remote, stunningly gorgeous islands with few people and no paved roads, then Salt Island, the smallest island in Turks and Caicos, is for you. Donkeys roam freely on this little slice of heaven, and nature has been left alone to do its “thing”.

One “must-see” site is Taylor’s Hill. Climb on up to these ruins and you’ll get a breathtaking view of the island. From this vantage point, you’ll see plenty of migrating humpback whales…at least if you’re there between January and April.

Day 5 - Big Sand Cay

Salt Island might be the least populated island in Turks and Caicos – but Big Sand Cay is completely uninhabited (and equally extraordinary). This tiny island is a designated bird sanctuary and, like pretty much everywhere else in this neck-of-the-woods, the snorkeling is flat-out amazing.

If you feel like getting a little exercise, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s some great hiking “on island”. Plus, you can always kick back & relax on one of the nicest beaches found anywhere!

Day 6 - French Cay

We’re starting to sound like a broken record – but it’s just a fact that French Cay has some of the region’s most amazing coral and marine life – scuba divers and snorkelers will fall head over heels in love with what’s going on beneath the water off this small island. Molasses Reef in particular is more than worth exploring – it’s home to one of the oldest shipwrecks ever discovered in North America.

Day 7 - West Caicos

There are many “must-see” dive sites off the west coast of Turks and Caicos – not to mention several moorings. You and your guests will be able to dive “the wall”, which features a 7,000-foot drop-off, and where you’re bound to run into some truly exotic marine life. The good is that the topside depth range varies between 40 to 90 feet, so there are plenty of diving opportunities for beginners and pros, alike.

Day 8 - Providenciales

A brief morning cruise will bring you back to Provo’s south shore, where you’ll have a few hours left to enjoy all of your yacht’s many water toys. If you’ve got time, we highly recommend strolling through the streets of Providenciales – there are too many interesting local arts & crafts for sale in town to pass up!

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