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What is the latest trend for luxury yachts? 

The latest trend is outfitting yachts for family fun. It’s no secret luxury yachts are of increasing interest to millennials and young families. It is also common knowledge that the age of the average boat owner is 10-15 years younger than it was 20 years ago, and projections show that statistic stands to repeat itself over the next 20 years. Which is why it is worth a moment of pause when considering a charter yacht or personal yacht to ask yourself – what is here for the kids?

For the longest time, there was the assumption that kids should be seen and not heard aboard a superyacht. With fine art, designer furniture, and nothing but nautical white fabrics, it’s easy to understand why. Young families, however, are excited to share the yachting adventure with their children on their own yachts or while chartering one.


Safety First

When selecting a boat for charter or purchase, a top priority for parents is to feel that they can relax while their kids are aboard, knowing they are safe. Whether that safety comes from switching open railings to plexiglass panels, clear sightlines to designated kid spaces, or built-in gates at stairs, anything that provides peace of mind is a worthwhile investment. Increasingly, clients are requesting these safety features on new builds or charters. 

The epitome of life on a yacht is the al fresco living. Ensuring young families enjoy outdoor spaces with shade is an often overlooked feature. Kids may need more shade in places adults don’t, like by the pool. Detachable shade can offer a retreat from the sun without permanently obstructing views. Whether it’s umbrellas or shade sails, temporary shade structures allow a yacht to evolve with its family.


Family Fun

For buyers and charterers, transformative spaces for multi-generations are increasingly appealing aboard luxury yachts. Whether that means lower transoms platforms, widened deck spaces around pools, or strategically placing small wading pools to make bridge deck spaces more enjoyable for little ones, low seating and separated zones with clear sightlines can make it easy to keep an eye on children. 

Transformative spaces are important when choosing a yacht for purchase because kids will evolve over just a matter of 2 or 3 years. Accounting for what children want and need in the next five years will save time and dollars in refit expenses. For buyers, consider rooms that can utilize bunk beds to accommodate multiple kids for sleepovers and can adapt to meet kids’ needs as they grow up. For charter clients, ensuring that children can safely enjoy the yacht you have selected will ensure everyone has the best family vacation. 


Benefits of a Kid Haven

Life aboard a luxury yacht consists of hours spent on JetSkis, excursions, and enjoying all the water toys – an epic experience – but it is easy for kids to get overwhelmed. Kids thrive on structure and routine, and having a space dedicated to them can help support that while at sea. 

Desk space where kids can focus on school or creative work such as arts and crafts can provide the structure kids need. Whether that desk is in an office or creative corner depends on your needs.

While you are enjoying a romantic sunset dinner on the aft deck, what are the kids doing? A simple solution is to ensure a projector is onboard for the kids to enjoy movies under the stars.


Crewed for Kids

As necessary as the physical features of a yacht are to families with children, crewmembers who are happy to accommodate and work with them are equally important. Under no circumstances is a crew member a substitute for a nanny, but it does make life aboard a yacht more enjoyable for everyone if you have a crew member or two who can show up with some fun and games.

A crew that often has kids aboard knows all the tricks of the trade. Here are a few of our favorite experiences for kids to make their nautical adventure extra special.

  • Being in the galley is a unique experience. There are endless fun opportunities for kids who love helping in the kitchen. Kids can enjoy being “Chef for a Day,” sporting a chef’s hat and creating a special lunch or delicious dessert for family and friends.
  • Delicious food and drinks are a pillar of the yachting experience. To include little ones in your stewardesses can serve virgin drink specials—a different drink each night, named after each child. 
  • The stewardesses can host themed parties on the flybridge while adults enjoy their formal dining experience. Kids can dress up, eat themed food and enjoy themed drinks. 
  • Water toys that don’t involve hours of setup offer easy entertainment. Pool floaties and kid’s size snorkel gear can add interest to the pool for little ones. LED balls and underwater speakers can take evening swims to the next level for older kids.  
  • Planning a treasure hunt excursion excites and inspires adventure. Treasure hunts offer a chance to get off the yacht and onto land to run, laugh, and explore. 
  • Having your yacht equipped with an outdoor projector allows for a movie night under the stars, an experience enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 


The tides are changing, and buyers and charter clients are increasingly enjoying luxury yachts as a family affair. Designing, decorating, and crewing to create a family-friendly experience is a business decision. Safety, design, and crew onboard can make or break the yachting experience for younger families. Relying on our experts can ensure you receive the greatest return on your investment. To find out more about yachts suitable for families with kids, contact Mare Kidd at mare@26northyachts.com or 954-849-3709.

Having kid-friendly spaces aboard a luxury yacht is becoming a compelling feature for young families who are looking for a family experience. It is no longer an expectation that kids will live aboard a yacht designed for adults. Making adjustments big and small to the safety, design, and experience you provide to families can position your yacht for charter and sale. 

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