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Pietro Baglietto established his shipyard in 1854 and began constructing fishing boats and dinghies before entering the world of yachts, racing boats, and pleasure craft. In 1906, after the development of the first motor boats, Baglietto launched the largest combustion engine cruising yacht with auxiliary sail ever in Italy. During World War I, Baglietto began building mostly government commissioned boats before returning to pleasure craft and competition craft, setting various speed records. In the early ‘80s, Bagiletto developed the first, high performance aluminum megayacht able to exceed 35 knots. In the mid-1990s, they acquired the former Ferrari shipyards in La Spezia, Italy, increasing their production capacity to include displacement models. In 2012, holding company Societa Iiniziative Autostradali e Servizi (SIAS) took over Baglietto, in addition to Cerri, another Italy-based yacht builder with all-fiberglass offerings to 102 feet.

Baglietto expertly combines sophisticated technology, unrivaled comfort, and its prestigious history of shipbuilding—bringing these values into their interiors, design, and electronics. As custom builders, Baglietto works freely in their design process, often incorporating futuristic designs like a fine couturier, creating glamorous masterpieces for their discerning clients with great Italian style. In addition, as great innovators of speed, Baglietto and performance have become synonymous.

Baglietto offers both fast yachts and displacement yachts. Recent launches include 140-foot “WhyWorry,” Baglietto’s seventh displacement yacht in the Baglietto 43 displacement series. Other notable 43s include “Ancora,” “Apache II,” and “Natori.” In 2010, Baglietto launched its first wide-body 138-foot “Lucky Me.”

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