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In 1966, Don Aronow, off-shore champion, and boat builder crafted a new 27-foot, champion race boat “Maltese Magnum” for himself which eventually launched Magnum Marine. He built the new factory in North Miami, Fla., next door to the factory he had just built and sold (Donzi), cranking out a successful 35-footer before selling to Apeco in 1968. In 1969, Italian Filippo Theodoli launched Magnum into the European market, making it a huge success overseas. The Magnum 27 and 35 were also built as patrol boats for governmental agencies.

After launching several more models, Apeco sold Magnum Marine to Theodoli and his wife Katrin who had visions of transforming the race boat into a high performance luxury yacht, hence the first open sport yacht was born. Particularly popular in Europe, owners enjoyed the comfort, speed, and ability to solely operate to nearby islands throughout the Med. Theodoli soon began installing Howard Arneson surface drives and Phil Rolla customized props for the drives, creating an extremely fast, fuel efficient, seaworthy boat. Theodoli continued to innovate and launch larger, longer range, better performing racing yachts into the ‘80s. Katrin inherited the Magnum boatyard in 1990 and expressed her passion for Magnum by continuing innovations and new deep vee launches through a relationship with Pininfarina and other designers like Hermes and Roberto Cavalli. Her first model was the Magnum 50 “Bestia.”

Magnum’s models range from 27 feet to 100 feet, at present. The Magnum 70 features interiors by famous Italian architects and superior performance and stability with speeds topping 70 mph. The Magnum 80 Sport is powered by twin MTU 2600 hp diesels, topping speeds of over 60 mph. Described as a “high-speed wonder,” the environmentally-friendly Magnum 100 is being constructed in highly advanced composites like carbon fiber and graced with design and styling by famed Alberto Mancini.

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