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Blog | New Owners for America’s Presidential Yacht

November 21, 2016

New Owners for America’s Presidential Yacht

We are all familiar with Air Force One. And, while our new President Elect is no stranger to private jets, yachts, and the yachting lifestyle, did you know that in addition to the official presidential airplane, and helicopter, there was once an “official” presidential yacht?

She was named the USS Sequoia, and she was used by Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon, among other presidents, to host family, friends and dignitaries. However, the once luxurious and stately vessel dubbed “America’s most famous boat,” has been wallowing in disrepair in a Virginia shipyard for decades, and will require millions of dollars in repairs before she could be returned to her former grandeur and possibly set sail once again. Though that might sound like an appealing project to President Elect Trump, after a protracted court battle, the Sequoia was actually recently “sold” to an investment group for an “adjusted price of zero dollars.”

Court Rules in Favor of Former Owners of Presidential Yacht

The historic yacht was designed and built in 1925 by John Trumpy and the Mathis Yacht Building Company of Camden, N.J.

According to USA Today, the 104-foot wooden luxury yacht has changed hands several times in the years since President Carter had it sold at auction in 1977 for $286,000. It fell into disrepair before it was purchased and restored by its current owner, Gary Silversmith, a Washington lawyer and real estate developer. Silversmith said he paid $1.9 million in 2000, and sank millions into repairs. For a time Silversmith, offered the vessel for charters along the Potomac River until it was pulled for additional repairs.

USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht

Silversmith engaged with Washington D.C marine restoration company, FE Partners. Silversmith and FE Partners then fell into a legal dispute involving the cost of repairs, which party was responsible for maintenance and dockage fees while repair estimates where being worked out, and ultimately, who would own the vessel once she was completely restored. During the legal battles, the once magnificent vessel continued to rot in the Virgina shipyard. Marine experts testifying at the proceedings, estimated the cost of repairing the national landmark to seaworthy condition, ranged from $400,000 to upwards of $4 million if the hull needed to be significantly rebuilt.

The judge in the case, Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III, ruled that “under the contracts, Silversmith was obligated to maintain the vessel such that it was safe, structurally sound and fully equipped for its intended use as a Potomac River cruise vessel. He concluded that, subject to certain clauses in the contract, since Silversmith did not meet these obligations, FE Partners could take possession of the presidential yacht, owing nothing to Silversmith in exchange. “FE Partners is committed to restoring and preserving the Sequoia in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard so that future generations of Americans will be able to enjoy the storied past of this magnificent yacht,” said Richard Graf, general counsel of FE Partners.

Gerald Ford on USS Sequoia

President Ford Hosts a Dinner Party on the Sequoia

The company went on to say that the yacht will now be transported to McMillen Yachts in Newport, R.I. for repairs. Among significant events in the Sequoia’s history; Franklin Delano Roosevelt hosted Winston Churchill on her deck, JFK celebrated his last birthday on board, and Nixon spent a night in 1974 downing a bottle of whiskey at the ship’s piano before resigning from the presidency in the days that followed.

Nixon on Board USS Sequoia

President Nixon Hosts a Dinner Including Leonid Brezhnev of USSR

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