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February 22, 2012

A Tour of the Pacific Northwest Shipyards

Summer Tour of the Pacific Northwest Shipyards.

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With a recent uptick in yachts sold it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and continue to examine and preview shipyards throughout the world. The marine industry is certainly no exception and has been hammered by the global recession. Many of the changes have been a cleansing period for the industry eliminating the weak yards and forcing the competitive to create an even stronger product. This is a chance to review and access the current shipyards building yachts in today’s market.

Below is a list of shipyards I will be previewing and a brief advertised description.

Christensen Shipyard:


New 164′ Christensen Series

Christensen’s shipyard consists of over 180,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space and a seven-acre marina. They have expanded their shipyard with a new bay to connect the shipyard and the cabinet shop. Their new bay features an 80’ ceiling that allows them to complete the yachts indoors before moving them to the water. This new expansion includes water-heated floors, a new warehouse and a loft area for additional part fabrication.

Christensen also announced the addition of the marble shop adding another 10,000 sqft to their facilities. This collaboration with Homechick Stoneworks will bring one of the last outsourced crafts into the shipyard – thus controlling quality and delivery times. The marble shop is set up to house a state of the art water jet-cutter.

Westport Yachts:


Westport 164′ New Order

Westport offers a range of series-built composite motoryachts, an area of specialization that presents a number of significant advantages to the owner, and provides the best assurance of complete enjoyment. Westport’s philosophy as a yacht builder is comparable to that of the aviation industry, a sector where quality is absolutely essential. Builders of private and business jets, for example, follow an extensive, thoroughly detailed development process; new designs are engineered to perform to a specific, known standard. Moreover, they all are built in series, simply because no one-off custom aircraft could support the cost of that process.

Northcoast Yachts:


2011 Northcoast 125′ for sale available now.

Steve Yadvish, who has designed and built megayachts, high tech maxi boats and high performance speedboats, quickly went to work. Six renditions of our 85′ motoryacht were followed in 2006 by the first 87′ motoryacht. Northcoast designer Paul Fredrickson explains “we have perfected this boat over the years. You wont find elliptical windows or curved staircases. It harkens back to classic American design, but it’s just as contemporary looking today as the first one that came off the line in ’97. When you’re investing in something of this magnitude, the design should have longevity.”

Delta Marine:


2007 154′ Delta Mr. Terrible For Sale Now.

Delta’s passion for excellence has earned it a worldwide reputation for producing custom luxury yachts and repairing all types of vessels to the highest standards. Driven by ideals that have grown even stronger throughout Delta’s history, its name has become synonymous with quality.

The integrity of Delta’s work and the relationships Delta establishes with clients lead to an inevitable result: absolute satisfaction. Delta’s mission is to ensure that its partnership with every Owner is an enjoyable collaboration from the very beginning through years of satisfied ownership – the heart of the Delta experience.

Nordlund Custom Yachts:


This 1997 95′ Nordlund is currently offered for sale.

Nordlund Defined
Two things define the boat building process here at Nordlund:

1. the flexibility to give you what you want
2. the experience to know what works best

It starts with the hull. Every hull we build is tailored to exactly match the boat you want. Length, beam, draft, capacity and performance. Other boat yards give you the hull that easiest for them. We build the hull that’s best for your boat.

Our hull designs have achieved some of the highest efficiency ratings ever tested. But the real test is out at sea. And that’s where we excel. Nordlund hulls have been refined with the experience gained by handling all weather, and every imaginable sea condition. There’s just no substitute for real-life experience.

We will also be previewing:

Northern Marine

Citadel Yachts

Northern Marine

Ocean Alexander

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