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May 23, 2017

Buying Your Luxury Motor Yacht: Choosing the Size and Style

Whether you decide to buy a new or a preowned yacht you are going to have to narrow down your choices by deciding on a size and style of motor yacht. As we have discussed in previous articles in this series, your budget will influence your size options to a degree. Generally speaking, you can probably get a larger used motor yacht, for the same price as a smaller new one. But, in either case, buying the biggest yacht you can afford, should not be your only deciding factor.

Yachts are built in various sizes, from a comfortable 40 feet, to the 200 or more foot superyachts of the uber-rich. Most first time yacht buyers will fall in the 70 –120 foot range.

As with many of the other decisions you need to make regarding your motor yacht purchase, to find your ideal size, you need to ask yourself how do you want to use your yacht, and where do you want to go?

When It Comes to Yachts, Size Does Matter

When it comes to where and how you wish to use your new motor yacht, size does matter. If you have a family, and/or wish to entertain a few guests, you are going to want a size and design of yacht that is large enough to have 3 or 4 cabins. A four cabin layout is also ideal if you intend to consider putting your yacht into a charter fleet, to offset expenses. Most charters are designed to accommodate 12 guests.

You also must give special consideration to where you want to do most of your cruising. Not all harbors are large enough to accommodate the largest of motor yachts, so you need to be aware of the draft of the boat you are looking to purchase, and the accessibility to the harbors you would most likely be traveling to. Also, the larger the yacht, the more expensive she will be to dock, and the harder it will be to find adequate dockage.

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Other Size Considerations When Buying a Motor Yacht

Beside dockage, and where you want to use your motor yacht, the main thing to keep in mind is that across the board, the bigger you go, your expenses will increase proportionally. Bigger yachts will have bigger engines, and consume more fuel. There is also a size point beyond which you will probably no longer be able to drive the boat yourself. Generally, that would be around the 60 foot range. Crew requirements will also increase as you go up in size, with a 60- 80 foot yacht, perhaps only needing a captain, and larger yachts of 100 feet or more, in need of a first mate, an engineer, and other crewpersons. Even lead time and when you want your boat, is something to consider when thinking about size. Because, if you are buying new, depending on the level of customization involved, generally speaking, the bigger the boat, the longer she will take to build.

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How Your Broker Can Help

Like everything in your yacht buying experience, when it comes to size, do your research. Think about the things we have mentioned above to consider, and ask around. Talk to other yacht owners who own yachts in the size range you are considering. Does their real world experience match up with your expectations?

As always, your yacht broker can be instrumental in considering size. He or she can help you to evaluate your wants, needs and budget, and match you with the new or used boat in the size range that is right for you.


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