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March 17, 2016

“Flying Pyramid” Concept Motor Yacht May Actually Be Built

In the major yachting magazines and at the various international boat shows, there is never a shortage of sometimes very bizarre looking concept motor yachts. These high-tech marvels of marine engineering and stunning design, rarely, if ever, get built.

But one such concept motor yacht just took a major step toward actual construction. It’s known as the “flying pyramid.”

Created by London-based marine architect Jonathan Schwinge, the superyacht, which looks more like a stealth bomber, or alien starship, was first conceived in 2010. Since it was first introduced it has been referred to as the “flying pyramid,” but, officially Schwinge calls his creation the Tetrahedron Superyacht.

According to a recent story in Motor Boat and Yachting (MBY), the Tetrahedron Superyacht “seems to be moving towards production, after Schwinge teamed up with Marcel Müller of Inmainco Visionary Marine Management.”

The basic concept of the Tetrahedron yacht incorporates an underwater trimaran hull that can raise the main living area above the water as the motor yacht accelerates. This makes the yacht actually appear as if it is “flying” or levitating over the water.

According to MBY it is the partnership with Müller that is lending credibility to the flying pyramid yacht project. In addition, unlike other concept vessels that really are flights of engineering fancy, the 70ft Tetrahedron Superyacht is based on proven technology from Baltimore’s Maritime Applied Physics Corporation.

The superyacht as conceived would have carbon fiber and stainless steel superstructure, and would be able to accommodate six guests and four crew members. Her anticipated top speed is 38 knots with a maximum cruising range of 3,000nm.

Despite its futuristic design, Schwinge says the Tetrahedron will have the lavish living quarters, and all of the luxury amenities you would expect to find on a multi-million dollar superyacht.

Flying Pyramid Concept Yacht

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