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June 17, 2019

“Happiness” Awaits Her Next Owner

If we were to write a book about our latest listing – (a bold move, but not totally out of the question) – there would HAVE to be a Volume I & II. The first volume on “Happiness”, a 2007 100′ Cheoy Lee, would be all about her many extraordinary features: the on-deck Master Stateroom and equally-impressive VIP would each, of course, get a chapter.

Volume I would also cover the yacht’s cockpit, which is perfectly set-up for fishing & diving. And, at a minimum, Happiness’ striking, highly-sophisticated interior would likely require at least five chapters. We’d probably delve into the yacht’s asking price of $4.295 million in the introduction – nice way to kick things off.

But the heart of the story is in Volume II – that’s when we would explore her current owner’s decision to address every single item that had come up on the yacht’s pre-purchase survey. Not content with “just” doing that, he then decided to refresh & update virtually every facet of Happiness. Most of this work was completed mid-to-late last year. The end result? A yacht that looks far more “2018” than “2008”.

Now, do we REALLY think that we might have a bestseller on our hands? We have no idea. But, with a yacht like Happiness, the book would pretty much write itself.

Check out Happiness’ Listing, HD Video, and more pics here:…/2007-cheoy-lee-happiness-f…/

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