Blog | Head to Head: 120ft to 140 ft. Motor Yacht “Smackdown”

July 28, 2015

Head to Head: 120ft to 140 ft. Motor Yacht “Smackdown”

With the rebounding economy, sales of larger motor yachts in the 70 – 140ft range continue to be picking up steam. Among the boats within the range that continue to be in demand are the 120ft -140 ft. “Superyachts.” We have several of the most popular makes and models in this group available for immediate sale. If you are seeking a boat of this size, here is our “head to head” comparison of what we have to offer, and our recommendations of who they would most appeal to.

Head to Head

135 foot Alloy Yacht “Polly”

Alloy is a Superyacht builder with almost 30 years of experience.  Alloy Yachts have become synonymous with luxury, seaworthiness, engineering excellence and craftsmanship.

The Alloy Polly is a sporty, sexy high quality build from a pedigree yard.

This is your yacht if:

  • Quality is important to you
  • You enjoy the sportiness of a raised pilot house
  • You desire a great modern styled interior
  • You have an eye and respect for great craftsmanship


132 Benetti “Petrus II”

Founded in the late 1800’s Benetti Yachts is one of the oldest, and most well-respected yacht builders in the world.

The Benetti Petrus II is turning many heads!

This is your yacht if:

  • You prefer a clean, contemporary interior design
  • You like great outdoor spaces with a bright and airy interior
  • You want a quality boat from a venerable builder that is in great condition


132 Horizon “Lady Leila”

Horizon, led by founder and CEO John Lu, has established a reputation for craftsmanship and customization, and is now recognized as the jewel in the crown of Taiwanese yacht builders.

The Lady Leila is a great value play in this size range for a big, unique boat, with two owner’s staterooms. She has low hours and a tender garage.

This is your yacht if:

  • Your focus is on big staterooms
  • You have a partner on the boat
  • Speed is not that big of an issue for you
  • You like interesting burl and woodwork
Interior Lady Leila

Interior Lady Leila

130 40M Westport – “Redemption”

Since the 1960’s Westport Yachts has been a leading American luxury motor yacht builder.

The Redemption is likely the best deal you can find on the new style 40m Westport. This boat is extremely well maintained, with a motivated owner who must sell to move up to a new yacht.

This is your yacht if:

  • You want offer charters
  • You prefer American made products
  • Brand recognition is important to you


Working With Your Broker

Of course, even a head-to-head “smackdown” comparison like this, can only scratch the surface of determining which 120-140ft motor yacht could be right for you.  That is where the expert brokers at 26 North Yachts come in to play.

We can get to know you, your needs, desires and ownership expectations. Whether it is style, speed, amenities, or functionality, that is most important to you, we can begin the process of matching you with the yacht of your dreams!

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