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December 10, 2019

Head-to-Head Matchup: 64′ Pershing vs. 75′ Lazzara LSX

Seeking Speed and Style?

At the top of their class of mid-range luxury sport yachts, the Pershing 64 and Lazzara LSX 75 models hit all of the high notes for anyone seeking style, space and performance in the 60-to-80ft size range. These head-turning GRP builds boast sleek exterior styling that hints at their capacity for speed. Aboard either, you could jet to the Bahamas and back fast – or let everyone in the marina know that you could, if you wanted to.

We’ve challenged two of our listings – the 2012 Pershing 64 Hurricane ($1,290,000) and the 2008 Lazzara LSX 75 Open Wide ($1,475,000) – to a head-to-head comparison to determine what really distinguishes these two beautifully-maintained express cruisers.

There’s the obvious exterior appearance and deck space: both the Pershing 64 and the Lazzara LSX 75 are sleek, sexy and sporty looking, with a nice aft deck and the walkaround side decks leading to the essential sunpad forward. A retractable section of the hard top provides shade or sun to the aft deck aboard the Pershing, while the retractable sunroof aboard the LSX benefits the helmstation and the portion of the salon furthest forward.

Then there’s the interior space – three guest staterooms and one crew cabin aboard the Pershing; four en suite guest staterooms and one crew cabin aboard the LSX – while similar beams (16ft for the Pershing and 18ft for the LSX) allow for an open-plan salon and galley area below.

There are some subtle differences in amenities, the LSX hosting a wet bar with stools on the aft deck and a larger galley – understandable given the 10ft difference in LOA between the two. The LSX also implements the builder’s proprietary monitoring system – the Integrated Ships Information System (ISIS). Both yachts have been impeccably maintained, both with recent paint jobs and necessary upgrades. In fact, the LSX underwent a comprehensive refit in 2015 that saw upgrades to her engine package, nav system, generator, watermaker and lighting, as well as new flooring and upgraded JL Audio sound system.

The biggest difference – and it’s significant – between these two water cheetahs exists below the waterline. Powered by an Arneson surface drive propulsion system that allows for a 243nm range, the Pershing 64, Hurricane, boasts an impressive cruising speed of 42 knots and tops out at a staggering 50 knots.

The LSX, Open Wide, however, cruises at 25 knots and maxes out at a respectable 30 knots. Volvo IPS pod drives make performance and efficiency a top priority for the Lazzara.

What’s the difference? With the surface drive, the propulsion unit comes out of the transom of the yacht instead of the bottom – this reduces cavitation and is what gives that fast and furious “rooster tail” water spray effect. Surface drives allow for a shallow draft – 4ft 3in as in the case of Hurricane – more interior space with the engines being placed further aft, and great performance and efficiency – due to less drag. Pershing has been known for its surface drive propulsion, which allows for its hulls to turn on a dime – the aforementioned sunroof providing necessary visibility during particularly tight turns. The drawback to surface drives is their need for regular maintenance, but in the case of Hurricane, the maintenance has been prioritized and her twin MTU 1623hp engines have less than 600 hours on them.

When pod drives hit the scene in 2006, Lazzara Yachts were one of the first – if not the first – yacht builder to incorporate them into their yacht designs. (In fact, Lazzara had all of the high-tech gadgetry back in the day, from their state-of-the-art CNC machine to the in-house 3D printer, but we digress….) The LSX distinguishes itself with four Volvo IPS pod drives and a Bahamas-ready 3ft 6in draft.

Pods are very efficient and allow for supreme handling and performance. Counter rotating propellers direct the thrust and large gear housings act as rudders, so the 77ft LOA Open Wide handles like a much smaller sport boat. The pods also allow for holding at a fixed location despite wind and current. What’s even cooler is that the pods are controlled via joystick, which makes maneuvering and precise docking an absolute breeze – even for a novice boater.

Pods are roughly 10% to 30% more fuel-efficient than traditional shaft drives, and offer great docking ability and handling at speed, as well as less noise and vibration. These systems are not cheap, however, and do have a higher maintenance and repair cost. Luckily for her next owner, Open Wide sports new quad Volvo IPS 600s – in Ferrari Red, of course, in keeping with her spirit of speed and stealth.

From its yard in Mondolfo, Italy, Pershing Yachts build a variety of open-style yachts, which range from the 5X (54) up to the aluminum Pershing 170 concept – each a high-performing showcase of the next generation of imitable Pershing curves.

Back in business after a several-year hiatus with a design office in Tampa, Florida, Lazzara Yachts builds its new yachts in Turkey and offers the LSX models in 65 and 95 feet.

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