Blog | “Joan’s Beach” Hits $899,000

February 1, 2019

“Joan’s Beach” Hits $899,000

SCREAMING DEAL: Kind of an odd phrase, but that’s literally the only description that we can think of to describe “Joan’s Beach”, the 2004 82′ Jefferson, right now. Sure, she was well-priced before today’s $51k price cut – but we’re in a different ballgame now. That’s because this three-stateroom yacht with a gorgeous cherry interior is now a full $200k less than her direct comps. And it’s not like she’s been neglected – far from it, thanks to her full-time crew of two.

Okay, then her owner probably stopped putting money into her at some point, and she’s basically going downhill – WRONG. Dead wrong. In the last month alone her owner spent $80,000 on bottom paint, running gear refurbishment, a new bridge enclosure, recommended MTU servicing, and too many other items to list. Maybe she’s docked on a lake in Siberia so no one can actually view her? Incorrect again – she’s right here in Fort Lauderdale. So come see her ASAP while you still can!

Check out her listing & HD Video here:…/82-jefferson-joans-beach-s…/

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