Blog | New Ocean 68 MV “Komotion” Continues to Turn Heads

June 17, 2015

New Ocean 68 MV “Komotion” Continues to Turn Heads

New Ocean Yachts is another one of the smaller Taiwanese luxury motor yacht builders that is making its presence known in a big way the world-over.

The company, which has not been around nearly as long as some of the other boat builders of Taiwan, has managed to introduce some exciting models with unique styling, desirable features, and excellent performance, all at a surprising price-point given the style and quality of these boats. They are now focusing on the 45-115ft range, making them of great interest to our clientele.

At a recent visit to the shipyards of New Ocean Yachts, we could easily get a sense of their commitment to the future.

The team at New Ocean Yachts has gained valuable experience building many world-class “super” yachts in cooperation with some of the industry’s top nautical designers, engineers and master boat builders.

During our visit there, we saw firsthand how their team is applying that experience to the development of this new range of focus. New Ocean Yacht’s flybridge series includes a traditional flybridge cockpit design, as well as the unique features of their 65 flybridge models, which offer a spacious mezzanine dining area, a roomy tender garage, and an expansive hydraulic swim platform.


Everything we saw from their yard to their showroom, was a reflection of the company’s commitment to impeccable detail and craftsmanship.

What’s All The Komotion?

New Ocean’s 68 MV “Komotion” grabbed headlines a few years ago, when it was first introduced for having the largest gyro stabilizer system ever installed onboard. And it has continued to turn heads ever since.

That stabilizer, a Seakeeper M21000 gyro, produced by Twin Disc Pacific, was installed on the vessel and showcased at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in 2012. According to the manufacturer, the M2100’s “unique state-of-the-art motion control system actively regulates the hydraulic braking system to ensure the anti-roll torque is maximized for all hull designs and for the ever-changing operating and sea conditions.”

m21000 gyro

That is a very technical way of saying this boat has been designed to deliver a very stable, comfortable ride that eliminates the kinds of motion that are the most common causes of seasickness in an ocean-going vessel. By all accounts the Komotion delivers on that promise.


New Directions, Old School Management

Of our recent visit to New Ocean’s shipyard, I would have to say what impressed us the most was their style of management. There was a real sense of commitment to excellence that was truly evident from the top down. Their CEO is Jason Kao. Jason comes to New Ocean with more than a decade of experience as a project manager for Hargrave at the Kha Shing shipyard, where he also oversaw the construction of Trader branded yachts. He is hands-on, and personally oversees every project.

New Ocean is located in Kaohsiung, nestled among some of the biggest and most well-known names in the industry such as Horizon Yachts. The builders in the area share much of the same workforce, tools and resources. The only way a company such as New Ocean can distinguish itself is by the quality of its leadership, and New Ocean does so with an approach as distinctive and refreshing as the style of their boats.

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