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December 14, 2016

Renowned Yacht Designer's Plans for Fidel Castro’s Yacht Revealed!

The recent death of iconic Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, could lead to additional thawing of the relationship between the US and Cuba, which may result in many things finding their ways into the light, that were once kept secret between our two countries. For example, did you know that the socialist dictator once commissioned plans for a state yacht?

In the wake of the death of the former Cuban leader, Dickie Bannenberg has revealed that his father, famed yacht designer, Jon Bannenberg, once traveled to the Communist island to meet with Castro to discuss a concept for an official state yacht.

The younger Bannenberg recently released the drawings, which resulted from that 1972 meeting from his late father’s archives. The drawings are a fascinating glimpse into this mostly unknown part of Cold War history.

The drawings were for a 200 foot superyacht, which would have featured bright red topsides and tender storage for two speedboats on the aft deck.


Other Details of Fidel Castro’s Yacht

According to the senior Bannenberg’s memoirs, Castro had planned to commission the yacht via the government fisheries ministry, Cuba Pesca, and she would have been built in fellow communist state, Poland. However, the facilities for yacht building in Poland were later found to be inadequate for a superyacht project of this design and magnitude, and the plans were eventually scrapped.

Jon Bannenberg is generally recognized as one of the most prolific and influential yacht designers of the 20th century. He has worked on dozens of notable projects for such world-renowned luxury motor yacht builders as Feadship, Lürssen and Oceanfast.


Alternative Rendering for Castro’s Yacht

Of course, another motor yacht played a significant role in the demised dictator’s life. It was the Granma yacht that was used to transport 82 fighters of the Cuban Revolution, including Castro and Che Guevara, from Mexico to Cuba in November 1956, armed and ready to overthrow the regime of Fulgencio Batista. That yacht, seen in the video below, remains on display, in a Havana museum.

Make Some History of Your Own!

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