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August 31, 2016

Rock Star Donates Motor Yacht for Ocean Conservation

Rock star Billy Joel may be known as the “Piano Man,” but growing up on Long Island, the man and his music has also often reflected his affinity for the sea. Joel has donated his 57Ft luxury motor yacht, The Vendetta, to the International SeaKeepers Society. The motor yacht, custom built by Derecktor Shipyards, was listed for sale earlier this year at the West Palm Beach International Boat Show for $1,195,000.

Billy Joel and his Yacht

Billy Joel at the Helm of the Vendetta (photo: B.Black)

The Mission of the SeaKeepers Society

According to their mission statement, the International SeaKeepers Society works with the yachting community to promote oceanographic research, conservation, and education and provides yacht owners and crew the unique opportunity to advance marine sciences and to raise awareness about global ocean issues.

In a company press release regarding the Grammy winner’s lavish donation, Michael Moore, Chairman of the Board of The International SeaKeepers Society said, “The International SeaKeepers Society greatly appreciates such a generous gesture by Mr. Billy Joel to support an incredibly worthy cause.”

Joel’s Hit the Downeaster Alexa Shows his Romance With the Sea!

The International SeaKeepers Society is dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and to raising environmental awareness through direct involvement with the yachting community. SeaKeepers “enables the yachting community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance marine sciences and to raise awareness about global ocean issues.”

Through their Discovery program, SeaKeepers encourages yacht owners to donate time on their vessels for scientific research and educational outreach, particularly to school-aged children.

International SeaKeepers Society

SeaKeepers Discovery Yachts Program

While we all cannot be as generous as Billy Joel, at 26 North Yachts we encourage all yacht owners and charter yacht vacationers, to recognize their responsibility as stewards of the environment, and the vital role they can play in protecting the environment and preserving our world’s oceans.


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