Blog | Some of The World’s Most Spectacular Superyachts Can be Seen in West Palm Beach!

June 15, 2016

Some of The World’s Most Spectacular Superyachts Can be Seen in West Palm Beach!

South Florida is no stranger to superyachts. They come here from the world over, with owners ranging from multi-billionaire captains of industry to royalty. Some of the most dramatic examples of these one of a kind superyachts have recently been seen in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach has had a yachting tradition that goes back over a century. In fact the highly exclusive Palm Beach Yacht Club was founded in 1890. However, it is in more recent years that West Palm has become popular among the uber-rich of the luxury motor yacht community.

World Renowned Superyachts on the Docks of West Palm

One of the most striking superyachts recently seen in West Palm was “Superyacht A,” owned by Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko. This high-tech superyacht that looks more like a military submarine, or the sea-going headquarters of the villain from the latest James Bond film, sports walls made of stingray skin, three pools, a discotheque, a giant helipad, and allegedly a “secret sex room.”

The Superyacht A

The Superyacht A

“Superyacht A” is not the only unique luxury yacht seen among the docks and waterways of West Palm Beach. Here are some others:

The Al Mirqaba 436 feet, $250 million, megayacht, built in 2008 for Qatar’s former prime minister. It’s “one of the largest motor yachts ever built,” and won the Motor Yacht of the Year award at The World Superyacht Awards 2009.

The Lady Moura, a 344 feet long, $210 million superyacht, owned by Saudi billionaire and founder of Rashid Engineering, Nasser Al-Rashid. The Lady Moura can accommodate a crew of 60 and has hosted such dignitaries as former President George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara. In summertime, she’s usually found in the South of France, traveling between Antibes and Monaco, but she has been seen in West Palm.

The Rising Sun, a 450 foot long superyacht, priced at $200 million, originally built for Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corp. She is now owned by record producer and movie mogul David Geffen. At 453 feet in length, The Rising Sun is the 6th largest superyacht in the world.

Rising Sun a Superyacht

The Rising Sun

The Venus, a 255 foot superyacht that was designed by Philippe Starck for the late Steve Jobs. She is fitted with large cabin windows that fill the inside with an abundance of natural light, and has a main living area that is forty feet long with ten feet high walls. When the yacht was delivered, it cost over 120 million. Jobs did not live to see the yacht launched, and Venus is now owned by his widow Laurene Powell Jobs.


Want to See More Superyachts?

Do you want to see some more superyachts, maybe even own one that others will soon be gawking at in West Palm or some of the worlds other great yachting destinations? Take a look among our broker inventory, where you will find amazing superyachts such as the Vard 1, a 270 foot superyacht project being built by Fincantieri Yachts, or the Mondo Marine, a 250 foot global explorer.

Superyacht Vard 1

Vard 1 – A Very Unique Superyacht


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