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December 17, 2015

South America Increasingly Appealing to Yacht Owners

At the recent Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show there was a large contingent of yacht industry stakeholders from South America. They were there to take advantage of what has been a growing interest among yacht owners in South America.

Adam Tarleton of Brazil Yacht Services and Tomas Miranda of South America Super Yacht Supports, spoke with Superyacht Times, about the growing appeal of South America to motor yacht owners, and what the various countries of South America are doing to accommodate them.

All over the continent, marine infrastructure is being improved and upgraded. This is primarily occurring in Brazil, in anticipation of the Rio Olympics in 2016.  However, Miranda said that Brazil is not the only area investing heavily in attracting large motor yachts. The areas in the south are recognizing yachting opportunities as well.

For example, new dockage has been constructed in Puerto Williams, Chile, which actually makes it the most southerly place that can accommodate a superyacht on earth!

Chile is investing heavily in making Puerto Williams an upscale port.  The government is funding the construction of a state-of-the-art marina that is being designed to accommodate the growing cruise ship market interested in traveling to the area. That project will likely not be completed until 2019, but when it is opened it will offer many benefits and advantages to large motoryacht owners, or yacht charter businesses.

Further South

With extensive beaches, scintillating culture and exotic marine habitats, Northern and Central South America have always been popular yacht charter destinations.

Much of the growth of the South American maritime industry in the Northern parts of the continent has been spurred by the Panama Canal Expansion project that will complete sometime next year.


As bigger vessels have been able to use the canal, governments across South America have been expanding and building new ports to meet the demands of the future ships – even much further south. Chile, Uruguay and Argentina all have new ports, or port renovation projects underway.

According to what Miranda told the Times, Puerto Williams may relinquish that title of “southernmost port” pretty soon. He said there are plans to create dockage along Cape Horn itself!

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