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December 6, 2013

The Owner of Mr. Cat Recounts a Lifetime of Yachting


When an owner buys a new boat, generally each new vessel is larger than the last. The owner of the TK-foot Mr. Cat fits the pattern. As a professional engineer, he has sought out yachts that he’s able to run and maintain from the first boat he bought in 1962, a 19-footer with a 75-hp outboard, to his current 105-foot Horizon, Mr. Cat.

Since buying that first boat at age 14, he has progressively searched out larger yachts. Originally, he was looking for small runabouts for Lake Guarapiranga in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where the owner was born. By 1975, he was up to a ski boat with a 350-hp engine. Eventually he sought out larger—and more seaworthy—yachts and became a member of the Guaruja Yacht Club, two hours outside Sao Paolo. From a 32-foot Cabras Mar with twin Mercedes Benz engines in 1978, he moved up to a 50-foot Ferretti with twin Caterpillers in 1990 and stuck with the Ferretti brand when he moved up to an 80-footer in 2000 that he owned until 2008, when he purchased the 105-foot Horizon he now owns.

The owner’s yacht purchases reflected his changing personal life. By 2008, he was in the market for a slightly larger yacht that fit the list of requirements he had developed over a lifetime of yachting. First, his family had grown, and he needed a yacht large enough to accommodate his friends and family.


The 2002 Horizon Elegance 105 fit the bill. The five-cabin layout lets the owner bring enough friends for short- or long-distance cruising. In addition, the yacht was originally a custom build for an owner with specific headroom requirements. The internal volume also takes advantage of the yacht’s 23-foot beam.

“The width inside is definitely much larger than I have seen in other boats of this length,” which drew the owner to the yacht, he says. “This boat was originally built for a famous German F-1 racecar driver who is over six feet tall and for whom spacious comfort was a top concern.”


However, with his extensive cruising and engineering background, he wanted a vessel manageable enough for him to maintain and operate with minimal crew, generally one or two additional crewmembers. Although the Horizon had launched a few years prior, the previous owner had only used the yacht occasionally, which kept time on the engines, generators, and other systems low. Moving his cruising grounds to the United States this year meant he wanted service and parts to be easily accessible.

“Although this boat was previously based in the Mediterranean, the fact that the engines, mechanics, and electrical systems are American brands and could be easily serviced in the US was a comforting reassurance in the decision to purchase it,” he says.


After an extensive cruising itinerary through the Mediterranean and the Brazilian cost, the owner is bringing Mr. Cat to the United States to explore new destinations and add new water toys for use in the warm Caribbean waters.

“The closeness of many of the island destinations also made it an attractive and convenient cruising area; at this stage of my life I want to spend more time relaxing on the boat at each destination, and less time underway,” he says.


With the yacht in the United States and the owner based in Brazil, Fort Lauderdale is an easy flight. When he’s visiting the yacht, he lives aboard. He keeps busy doing the basic electrical and mechanical maintenance. But while cruising, he knows how to relax. His favorite place aboard is the flybridge at sunset, with friends and champagne.

“Not only it is very comfortable up there, but it also has a beautiful open view of wherever I am docked—along with the cool breeze at the end of the day and the sight of the stars or the moon. It’s the ideal spacious balcony with an ever-changing ‘backyard’ view and ambiance,” he remembers.

Now, again, personal circumstances are dictating the owner’s yachting needs, and he’s looking for a slightly smaller vessel for cruising through the States and the Caribbean.

“I loved this boat and I will miss it,” the owner says. “ However, due to recent family changes I now need to downsize to possibly an 80-footer, which I also plan to captain myself.”

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