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May 5, 2016

Uber Yachts Making Waves

What if you could catch a ride on a multi-million dollar luxury motor yacht with a tap of your smartphone?

Uber, the company that made that possible for summoning a cab, or even a helicopter – has just launched UberYACHT, and the app is making waves for the charter yacht industry. Launched on April 30th in Dubai, the app allows users to catch a spot on exclusive yacht parties going on in the waters around the Emirates for about $80 dollars. Speaking with CNN, Chris Free, Uber’s general manager in the United Arab Emirates, said, “…we are constantly innovating our services. We want to be more than just a leading global technology app, we want to provide experiences at the push of a button.”

This is not Ubers first foray into “ride-shares” beyond cars, the company has been  offering boat rides across the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey, as “UberBOAT,” and helicopter trips through California’s Coachella Valley as “UberCHOPPER.”

Uber recently brought the UberCHOPPER model to Dubai, where it has been very successful, and that spurred the launch of UberYACHT in the wealthy city.

Not a Yacht Charter

UberYACHT as it has been launched thus far, is not so much of a “yacht charter”, as it is a party. Uber admits that at this point it is merely “testing the waters” and the launch party on April 30th aboard a yacht named Desert Rose, was for now, a one-time event. Tickets for the four-hour yacht party when booked at least 48 hours in advance using the app, cost about $82 per person for unlimited drinks and a live DJ. Of course it also included a conventional Uber ride to and from the marina.

Dubai Party Yacht Uber

Party Goers on the First UberYACHT

Where it all goes from here remains to be seen, but with so many yachts in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, it seems likely that our area may be the first place that the company tries the UberYACHT concept here in the States.

You Do not Need Uber to Book a Party Yacht

How the business model for UberYACHT all plays out remains to be seen. But, you do not have to wait for Uber to party like a rock star on your own private motor yacht! It may not be quite as easy as an app on your phone, but a simple click of your mouse, can take you to our charter destinations page, where you can explore any number of incredible short and long term yacht charter experiences!

Yacht charter party

Party Like a Rock Star on a 26 North Yacht Charter



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