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May 6, 2015

William Snyder: Motoryacht Intelligence Report


Will Snyder analyzes the market for 70-140′ motoryachts in the U.S.

[Quote name=”Will Snyder, Yacht Broker”]Please review a detailed motoryacht analysis encompassing distribution, sales, brand positioning, growth and pricing for yachts from 70-140′ in length that are relevant to both buyers and sellers in the current U.S. market. [/Quote]



Number of Yachts For Sale

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Pie” title=”LOCATION”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half]

Price Points

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Column” title=”PRICE RANGE”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][/Twenty_Six_Row]


Manufacturer Insight

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Column” title=”TOP 1O BUILDERS”][/Twenty_Six_Row]


U.S Coast Guard Database</

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Pie” title=”FLORIDA USCG”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half]

U.S Coast Guard Database</

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Pie” title=”U.S. USCG”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][/Twenty_Six_Row]


Hull Insight

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Pie” title=”HULL COMPOSITION”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half]

$1 Million Threshold

[gdoc key=”” chart=”Pie” title=”Yachts Over & Under $1M”][/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][/Twenty_Six_Row]
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Yachtworld 2014 Global Index Report[/Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half][Twenty_Six_Col_One_Half]


BONUS REPORT! The final 2014 Global Index Report for cumulative yachts sales has been released by Yachtworld, indicating that the number of boats sold were level or higher among larger boats than 2013. Sales over 80 feet skewed total values on both continents. Prices in the U.S. were generally stronger among smaller boats and weaker in Europe in as many segments as were stronger.

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