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October 27, 2016

World Renowned Entrepreneur Lists His Nisi Yacht for Sale With 26 North Yachts

We are very proud to have recently listed an 82 foot Nisi yacht, the Diva, that was designed and custom built, by and for, well-known entrepreneur John Osher.

John has had a stellar career. He is best known as the inventor of the Spinbrush, which he sold to Proctor and Gamble in 2001 for record numbers. He is a motivational speaker in demand, and was featured in the business parable, Follow the Other Hand.

John is a tinkerer, a designer, and a builder, whose designs, like the Spinbrush, are known for their elegant combination of simplicity, artistry, and practicality. More than a little of all of that went into the design and build of the Diva. “Because I have built a lot of things, worked with factories, and been involved with designing products, I am reasonably knowledgeable about electronics, engines, generators etc., so I had the kind of knowledge to make her the way I wanted. But more importantly, I like things that are different. I don’t like the typical ‘Big White Boat.’ I really wanted to a make a boat that when we come into the harbor everyone in town comes down to take pictures…”

John had seen the first hull of the Nisi 82 at the Miami Yacht Show in 2011. But there were certain things he found lacking on the first hull. However, loving the look, size and style of the boat, he decided to have one custom built to his specs. “…hull #1, it didn’t have much, it only had one generator, I put in a big water maker, a black-water treatment system, two generators, redundant radars, I really just loaded this boat with everything.”

“It’s a yacht that is very easy to drive”

John says that when he had Diva built it was very important to him that she would be easy to drive. He wanted a boat that he could get out onto Lake Michigan and beyond, on his own without a crew. As result every system, accoutrement and redundancy was built-in, making her the ideal boat for anyone who wants to be an owner-operator. “Most people that drive an 82 foot boat, they grew up boating. I didn’t,” says John. “I didn’t eat fish, I didn’t even know how to swim! Since I really wasn’t a boater my whole life, but wanted a boat that I could drive myself, I loaded her up with lots of electronics and redundancies. I have driven this boat back and forth from Michigan to Florida four times, and that alone should speak to how simple she is to drive.”

Nisi Yacht Nav System

John has also taken her through the Great Lakes and throughout the Mediterranean. While the Diva is as easy to drive, as she is sleek and stylish, she is by no means a frail girl. “She handles rough seas incredibly well, we’ve been in 10 footers and she handles rough weather really well. But, more importantly, you should never have to go out in rough seas. Her equipment and forecasting gear are so good we very rarely go out in bad weather.”

 A Literal “Dream Boat”

“We’ve had this boat for 4 years and it’s been a dream come true. We’ve gone to the Great Lakes, and we’ve gone all the way up to Prince Edward Island, and up and down the entire east coast. Then we’ve shipped the boat over to the Mediterranean.  Basically, I live on the boat 5 months out of the year. She’s more comfortable than my house, and I have a beautiful house.”

Nisi 82 for Sale

John truly has loved his time with Diva, and the only reason he is selling her, is because he just feels it is time to move on to something a little smaller, that is more suitable to his current lifestyle.  “I’m turning 70, I’ve kind of gone everywhere, and I guess I’m just looking to simplify my life. When I sell the boat, I probably will buy something like a 48 foot Sabre. I just am ready for a change. I’ll feel bad when I sell her, I really will, but I just want to simplify, get into something a little smaller…”

If you are in the market for a truly exceptional 82 foot motor yacht, built by and for an equally exceptional man, take a look at the Diva! Feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange to see this remarkable boat for yourself.

Diva Yacht for Sale


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