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January 25, 2017

Yacht Charter Destinations: Whale Watching!

“Thar she blows…!” You may not actually yell it out loud, but you will certainly think it when you see that unique puff of ocean spray that could only mean one thing – “There be whales here.”

There are few things as exciting as seeing the Earth’s largest and most majestic mammal breach the ocean’s surface, and few yacht charter experiences that can compare with a whale-watching voyage.

One of the advantages of chartering your own yacht with an experienced captain, as opposed to a “commercial” whale watch cruise, is that you not only have all the luxury amenities, but because whale watching could be a hit or miss experience, you also have the “luxury” of being on your own time to find them!

Here in no particular order are 7 of the top whale watch charter destinations in North America.

Jacksonville, Florida

Species You Will See: North Atlantic Right Whales
Best Times To Go: November to April

North Atlantic Right Whales, while still endangered have been fighting their way back from the brink of extinction. If you’re lucky, you can spot these majestic animals in the winter months anywhere on the northeast coast of Florida between Jacksonville and Cape Canaveral.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Species You Will See: Minke, Fin, and Humpback Whales
Best Times To Go: April to October

The World Wildlife Fund has named Massachusetts one of the top 10 whale-watching spots in the world. With the area’s local whale watch operators claiming a 99% whale-spotting success, a whale yacht charter to Massachusetts during the right time of year is bound to be a thrill! While you are there check out Newport, RI, a renowned yachting hub, and for a unique glimpse of the area’s rich whaling history, the New Bedford Whaling Museum.


Juneau, Alaska

Species You Will See: Humpback and Orcas
Best Times To Go: April to November

The waters in and around Alaska’s capital are a great place to get a look at species as varied as humpback whales to the distinct black and white Orca.


Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

Species You Will See: Gray, Blue, and Fin Whales
Best Times To Go: Mid-December to Mid-March, Mid-June to September

Gray whales make one of the longest migrations on the planet, and the western overlook of Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego is one of their favorite pit stops. The peak time to see these massive whales is mid-January. The incredible Blue whale and fin whales can be spotted in the area from mid-June to September


Monterey Bay, California

Species You Will See: Humpback, Blue, and Gray Whales
Best Times To Go: Anytime!

Monterey Bay California is one of the few places where you could enjoy whale watching from the deck of your luxury motor yacht all year round! Depending on the time of year, you’ll find many different species of whales in this area. April to December brings humpback and blue whales, while December to April brings the gray whales. It is even possible to catch some killer whales in the area, too!


Bar Harbor, Maine

Species You Will See: Fin, Minke, and Right Whales
Best Times To Go: Mid-April to October

Another great New England yacht charter destination, Maine, is also a great place for whale watching. In Bal Harbor you will find fin, minke, and right whales just 20 miles off the coast, enjoying the cool water and “local food,” about as much as you will!


San Juan Islands, Washington

Species You Will See: Orcas
Best Times To Go: Mid-April to Early-October

If it is Orca’s you want to see, then Washington State’s San Juan Islands are the place to be! After all, what would you expect with the largest of the chain named Orcas Island! However, you’ll also find gray, minke, and humpback whales in the area.

 Orca, Johnstone Strait, BC

The Charter Experience of a Lifetime

If whales are not your thing, you do not have to go whale watching to make a yacht charter the experience of a life time.

You can make memories that will last a forever, on a charter yacht vacation just about anywhere in the world. And, if your idea of the only “wildlife” you want to see aboard a luxury yacht charter is you and your guests partying, did you know that we now operate the largest motor yacht charter fleet north of Miami?


Choosing the right charter experience can be challenging. If you would like to benefit from our expertise in these areas, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Charter Specialists, or call us at 954-235-3468

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