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June 5, 2017

Porsche Adds To Growing List Of Supercar Makers Designing Superyachts

Back in 2016 we reported on the 46 feet long, Arrow 460 Granturismo, the first luxury yacht designed and built by Mercedes-Benz, and the AM37, which was built by Quintessence Yachts in conjunction with Aston Martin. So far in 2017, we introduced you to the Lexus Sport Yacht, and the Niniette 66, a collaboration between Palmer Johnson and Bugatti.

These kinds of collaborations between luxury yacht makers and luxury car makers, are redefining the term “superyacht,” to not necessarily only mean “super” in size, but super in terms of performance, style and luxury.

The trend continues as another high-profile name in super cars, is throwing their hat into the super yacht ring. Porsche has just announced its collaboration with Monaco-based yacht builder, Dynamiq, to build a 115 foot hybrid superyacht, known as the GTT 115. GTT stands for Grand Turismo Transatlantic.

Known for such iconic sports cars as the Porsche 911 and Boxster, the GTT 115 is the German auto maker’s first foray into the superyacht market.  The hybrid superyacht is currently “in development,” and will sell for approximately 10.3 million dollars. Expected to appeal to a very exclusive clientele, there will only be seven ever built, all of which have already been spoken for.

Porsche’s Studio FA, the design group that was responsible for creating Porsche sunglasses, watches and other branded luxury items, took charge of the boat’s exterior styling, mimicking the body shapes that have made Porsche’s cars instantly recognizable the world over.

Other Features of the Porsche GTT 115 Superyacht

The sleek and sexy lines of the GTT 115, are definitely Porsche inspired, however, its interiors, rather than being sports car sparse, are every inch superyacht luxury.  Fitted with seven-foot-high ceilings on both decks, the spacious cabins are lined with carbon fiber and marble detailing throughout, with furniture and throw-pillows finished with the same material as the seats in a Porsche 911R.

The boat has been designed to cater for a maximum of 12 people – six passengers and six crew members. As planned, the luxury yacht will run on two MAN diesel engines with a combined 12,594 horsepower, and also runs as a hybrid using two 20.8 kW electric motors.

Owing to a legacy that built its reputation on the Autobahn, at full tilt, the GTT 115 Hybrid can reach a top speed of over 21 knots, when operating on the diesel engines alone.

The first GTT 115 is expected to make her official debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Dynamiq has also said they plan on creating two smaller 100-foot and 85-foot versions of the yacht.

Other Unique Luxury Motor Yachts

If you are an auto enthusiast that is as excited as we are about these collaborations between designers of fine automobiles and yacht builders, we would be happy to see if we could “put you behind the wheel” of one of these incredible new machines!

If a more traditional, but equally luxurious motor yacht is more your speed, we can certainly help you there as well. Feel free to contact us about any motor yacht in our new or pre-owned listings.



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