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Home » News » Private Aviation Soars To New Heights September 8, 2022

The desire for flexibility and demand for privacy is pushing private aviation to all-new heights. Like in charter yachts, business and leisure travelers alike want more control over their travel experience and to avoid the uncertainties of commercial aviation. For those reasons and more, private aviation has become somewhat of a necessity for the modern global luxury traveler.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Private Aviation

Private aviation has gone beyond just providing passengers with luxury. It’s now become a safer flying experience. According to WingX Global Market Tracker, in the first two weeks of 2022, private jet operations rose by 38% compared to 2021, trumping commercial airlines.

Health and safety concerns are said to be the main reasons for the growth in popularity. With fewer touchpoints, less crew contact, and a private boarding experience, passengers can feel more comfortable traveling domestically and internationally. 


Checking in, boarding, and disembarking are all safer and faster when flying private, and the growth in routes is helping to eliminate layovers and connecting flights. Private aviation has also allowed passengers to regain control over their travel itineraries, enabling them to adapt or change schedules when desired. 

ADS-B Installation

Private jets are also shifting from ground radar to Automatic Data Surveillance Broadcasting systems. This technology is a huge advancement, as it uses satellite signals to transmit location and essential information. ADS-B applications reduce risks and improve private aviation safety, so passengers can feel even safer while flying in smaller aircraft.


Interior Design Private Aviation

Private aviation is also a playground for world-class interior designers, who continue to dream up eclectic, luxurious, and functional designs that only add to the luxury travel experience. Two of today’s go-to jet interior designers include Martin Kemp Design and AirJet Designs.

Martin Kemp Design, also known for its experience in yachts, delivers modern and functional interiors that weave in sophisticated technological accents in a discreet and practical way, while the avant-garde AirJet Designs studio has been creating private jet interiors for over 20 years. They’re very well known for their innovative use of lighting and art.

Digital Technology

The private jet industry continues to add new digital technologies to help passengers stay connected from takeoff to landing. Modern tech has helped propel the industry’s popularity, enhancing the technological experience in innovative new ways.

One example is the rise of windowless planes. The concept of a private jet with no windows may seem unusual, but the cabin is instead lined with screens that display real-time views from the plane’s wing cameras. Furthermore, screens can be customized in various ways to provide a more interactive and immersive experience. 

Using climate and lighting control, design agencies like Technicon Design are projecting 360-degree, real-time views while also allowing passengers to connect personal devices and enjoy cutting-edge entertainment options.

Family-Orientated Travel

Family-Orientated Travel - Private Aviation
Another trend is that private planes are no longer reserved for business, which is reflected clearly in increased requests for booster seating and youthful onboard entertainment. Leisure travel has increased, too, as prime destinations begin reopening.

Families are turning to private jets to ensure safety, especially for kids. Private jets can be designed with entertainment options for children, like VR headsets and gaming consoles, as well as built-in booster seats, kid-friendly refreshments, and more.

There’s no doubt that private aviation is an elite form of travel that will continue to evolve, adding options and processes that promise to make flying easier, faster, and more convenient. Indeed, the future of flying private will continue turning your time in the sky into an experience unto itself.

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