Blog | “Seaduction” Takes a Price Cut

August 15, 2019

“Seaduction” Takes a Price Cut

What does a savvy buyer need to be “seaduced” by a boat? THREE staterooms on a 46-footer might do it. “Fully loaded” always has a nice ring to it too – who doesn’t love to hear phrases like “upgraded luxury soft goods package” bandied about?

Pricing is REALLY important, of course. Maybe that’s why we’ve been inundated with calls since “Seaduction”, a 2018 46′ Galeon, hit an asking price of $735k last night? Or perhaps there was a delayed reaction to our announcement two weeks ago that Seaduction has fully-transferable Engine & Brunswick Passport warranties?? Highly unlikely, yet still plausible.

Let’s get real though – pricing is the primary driver of full-blown “seaduction”. But dollars & cents don’t mean zilch unless a boat has a lot going for her in many other ways too.

You can see Seaduction any time you want in Fort Lauderdale:

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