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Blog | Season 4 of “Selling Yachts” is Airing NOW

November 7, 2019

Season 4 of “Selling Yachts” is Airing NOW

Check your local listings, because the best yachting show on television – yes, far better than Bravo’s “Below Deck” – has kicked off its Season 4. You can find the show on the AWE Network, which is available through DirectTV, Verizon Fios, DISH Satellite TV, and dozens of other cable & satellite providers around the U.S. (and Canada, the Caribbean, and the Middle East). AWE is NOT on Comcast – but this can be rectified if enough people contact them and let them know that they’re missing out by not airing a phenomenal, wildly popular show!

As you’re hopefully aware, the 26 North Yachts team has been the featured brokerage house on “Selling Yachts” since the very first season in 2015. Why do we do the show? Well, because we love the business of buying & selling yachts, and that’s what this show is all about. We’ve filmed on many different types of yachts: Azimut, Lazzara, Rayburn, Pershing, Outer Reef, Horizon and too many other types of vessels to mention. “Selling Yachts” has been a terrific vehicle for showing hundreds of thousands, and ultimately millions upon millions, of people what we do every single day of the week.

Many people have questions about how “Selling Yachts” is filmed. First, an episode takes one day to shoot, and we capture two yachts during that time. Sometimes a broker, like Matt Stone or Greg Halligan, will be filming all day long, and sometimes it’s just on one yacht, and then they’ll pass the “baton” to another broker. How many crew are there? Good question. Generally speaking, there are two camera operators, a Production Assistant (a “PA” in Hollywood-speak), and a director. It’s not a huge crew, but the beautiful thing about super high-end digital cameras, is that you really don’t need too many people to put together a terrific television product.

One of the motor yachts that we recently filmed was “Hurricane #1”, a 2012 64′ Pershing. You can see Matt Stone on board her, right in the middle of a shoot, in the picture above. This yacht was located at Marina Bay in Fort Lauderdale, so it was super convenient for everyone involved to capture this particular motor yacht in all her glory – but beyond that, this Pershing yacht was basically made for TV (and movies too) – does it get much sleeker or sexier than a Pershing 64? We think not.

Pershing Yachts for Sale - 26 North Yachts

Here’s how we summed about what a special yacht “Hurricane #1” is just a few days before her “small screen” debut…

We are pleased to introduce our latest listing, “Hurricane #1”, a 2012 64’ Pershing. The first thing to know about her, is that she cruises at 42 knots and tops out at blistering 46 knots, courtesy of twin MTU 1623 HP engines (with less than 600 hours on them). That turns the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini into a barely-time-for-lunch kind of excursion. In her case, though, speed is just a part of the equation.

Hurricane #1 also happens to be extremely clean, thanks to a lifetime of being properly cared for. She has never wanted for maintenance or touch-ups, when needed. That’s why when her exterior started to lose a tiny bit of its luster, she was immediately sent for a full paint job. But this Pershing 64 is not “just” a finely-tuned missile-of-a-yacht – her indulgent accommodations, notable for its three luxury staterooms and gorgeous, sunroof-equipped salon, are first-rate too.

Needless to say, the producers of “Selling Yachts” were thrilled when we first approached them with the idea of filming on this Pershing. Then again, some of our favorite vessels have made an appearance on the show. In fact, the only yacht that we were not able to get on the Show – thanks to scheduling issues – was “Angiamo”, the well-known 2003 140′ Feadship that we sold in record time earlier this year.

If you’re not already a fan of “Selling Yachts”, we hope that you become one! The AWE Network frequently does marathons of the show, and that will be a good time to binge watch and get all caught up. The next batch of new episodes premieres on Saturday, November 16th. And, even after that, Season 4 still has another 6 episodes to go – and your favorite boutique yacht brokerage firm will be starring in virtually all of the remaining episodes. Stay tuned!


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