Blog | Season 4 of “Selling Yachts” is Shooting Right NOW

April 18, 2019

Season 4 of “Selling Yachts” is Shooting Right NOW

SHOWTIME: Filming is now underway for Season 4 of “Selling Yachts” on the AWE Network – and 26 North Yachts is front-and-center, just like it’s been since the beginning. We’re big fans of the Show. It’s terrific exposure for our clients’ yachts, and we have a ton of fun doing it.

Yes, there have been rumors floating around that we were in talks with ABC and/or HBO about doing a project (Who starts this stuff?), but the truth is, we would never leave our home at the AWE Network. After all, they have an EXTREMELY affluent audience – ranked #7 in the country, just ahead of Bloomberg TV – and those are the type of folks that tend to buy & sell yachts.

Today, Matt Stone and Greg Halligan were shooting an episode – and we’d love to share more details & pics with you, but the network is very sensitive about tipping off upcoming storylines.

Showbiz. Gotta love it.

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