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November 5, 2019

That’s a Wrap!

2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Recap

If the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is the “Super Bowl of Yachting”, we just passed for 500 yards and ran for another 200 more. It was that kind of boat show.

Sure, our yachts on display were a huge draw, but a TON of credit goes to our team too – it turns out that having a deep understanding of the yacht market, and sharing invaluable on-site intelligence from shipyard visits all over the world, is a big draw too. No surprise there.

Then there was our Friday night party, sponsored by the one-and-only Oversea Yacht Insurance. If you were there for it, we hope you enjoyed the delectable food & drink, and the best one-man steel drum band outside of Trinidad & Tobago. Our only regret is that our photographer left before the party REALLY got going.

And here we are. The Show is over, and our work continues: reaching out to clients new & old, showing boats, and doing what we do best – helping those who put their trust in us buy & sell yachts.

“Sunshine” Makes an Appearance

One of our newest listings, “Sunshine”, a 2006 72′ Offshore, made her inaugural appearance at FLIBS. We were all excited because Offshore Yachts are world-renowned for their superb construction, traditional styling, and rugged, yet refined, nature. Often called the “softest ride on the water”, Offshore Yachts have gained a sizable following, and with good reason.

Sunshine”, which was built for the U.S. market, is the perfect example of why this is so. She is abundantly-equipped and there is a redundancy or backup for virtually every system on board. Constant updates and textbook maintenance have only added to her allure.

Sunshine” boasts a wide array of highly sought-after features, like ASEA shore power frequency converters, hydraulic bow & stern thrusters, a Brownies dive compressor, Wesmar stabilizers with 9 square foot fins, and much more. Anyone looking for the perfect cruising yacht in the 65′ to 85′ range, should absolutely have “Sunshine” at the top of their list.

But you didn’t have to be at the boat show for a chance to see this beauty – you can see her anytime you want right here in Fort Lauderdale. Nicholas Scherb, Sunshine‘s broker, looks forward to showing you this gorgeous yacht!

A Few Thoughts

There are hundreds upon hundreds of motor yachts for sale at any point in time in the U.S. – so why do we seem to represent a disproportionately large number of yachts that are in terrific condition and fairly-priced? Well, in terms of maintenance, if we represent a buyer in the acquisition of a yacht (or a superyacht or a megayacht…whatever you want to call it), we make it very clear that the number one way to retain the value of the vessel is by applying a rigorous maintenance program. There’s no other way to say it – a yacht that is in disrepair or lacking proper service records, gets devalued by the market. That’s just the way it is!

Now why do many of our listed yachts for sale represent compelling value? That has a more interesting answer, but the bottom line is that we have a host of tools at our disposal – the latest & greatest market intelligence, a highly-sophisticated depreciation model, and good-old-fashioned market “know how” – and we use these tools to advise our clients in regards to how to properly price their vessel.

While not one of our clients is giving their yacht away cheaply, or otherwise leaving money on the table, there’s also no sense in keeping an overvalued yacht on the market. It’s just going to take forever to sell, and continue to depreciate every single day of the year. We focus on getting our clients to understand the value of their yacht, so we can then price it accordingly. That’s one of many reasons why we are industry leaders in terms of selling yachts quickly.

Thanks again for being part of the best Boat Show we’ve ever done…

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